10 Things to Ogle about Google+

redesign, ogle, Google+ Admit it; you don’t go on Google+ very often because you aren’t sure what the heck to do. Get over yourself and join the conversation.
Now that we have that out of the way, I am going to share ten things to get you excited about Google+ and really get you grooving!

Google+ is an exciting way to show the world who you are with a beautiful visual display and more customizable, editable text. These elements can take your brand to a new level, generating new followers and interest in your message. Use this to your advantage and have fun in the process.

  1. Get photo fabulous! The optimized photos on Google+ are amazing and really catch your eye as they update on the stream. Choose the best photos from your last trip and share them! Picasa is a great way to share and tag your photos. All your photos on Facebook? Use Move Your Photos to transfer them. Photos are organized quite nicely with photos from your circles, photos from your phone, photos of you that you were tagged in, photos from your posts and albums that you created.
  2. There are tons of really cool Chrome extensions to trick out your G+. I particularly like Favorite Posts for Google+ and Extended Share for Google Plus. Extended share gives you little chicklets to easily share to your other social media platforms. Spend a little time loading a few free extensions and make your G+ rock!
  3. Create an AH-MAZING bio! Google+ gives you the absolute best profile in social media: plenty of places for links, huge section for an introduction and a visually appealing presentation of YOU! Don’t miss your opportunity to shine and show people why they should circle you. Make sure you link to all your other social media platforms!
  4. It’s really easy to find people to circle! Here is a list of public circles that you can search. Pick an interest and find some like-minded people. Then join in the fun.
  5. This just in… there are games. Who knew? Oh… they have Angry Birds!
  6. Meet new people. You may have lots of Twitter followers but Google+ is a way to connect in a much more significant manner. The commenting style is a combination of Facebook and blogging so the conversations are very interesting. Look around and find one!
  7. A great place to share all your amazing finds from Pinterest.
  8. Google+ plug-ins for WordPress make it easy to bling out your blog and connect with more Google+ fans. I really like the Google+ widget that you can add to ask people to circle you on Google+; it is easily customizable and looks great.
  9. Lots going on every day, check the search for the daily activities: Science Sunday, Travel Tuesday, Wine Wednesday, and my personal favorite… Caturday! You can use a hashtag or just search in the search bar for something fresh going on in Google+land. It’s like having Julie, The Love Boat Cruise Director, but better.
  10. Foodies! All the foodies are out in full force on Google+, you can always find a great recipe or something yummy to look at. Why? It’s fun! And who doesn’t like food?

You will find that Google+ is an awesome dichotomy of super smart, fun and sometimes downright silliness. You can make it exactly what you would like; all you have to do is give it a try.

Take your social media brand to the next level and get in there with the big boys. What are you waiting for?
Image courtesy of trp0 licensed via Creative Commons.

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  • Chris says:

    Unfortunately the Photos from your Circles was removed right after you recommended it. It was by far the main reason I would go to Google+

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