10 Reasons Why iLove Google+

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  • I’m definitely with you….the Hangout feature and its On Air ability is totally underrated. G+ definitely still has a few bugs to work out…but it will definitely be one of the top 3 for most important social media site.

  • Completely agree. I was never much on twitter and really never had much success driving traffic to my blog from it. Facebook was the #1 social driver for a while. When G+ added communities, I decided to check it out again. I’m hooked.

    Like you, I use Facebook more for family and friend relationships at a personal level. G+ is the opposite, as I use it primarily for interacting with other bloggers.

    I also agree, the G+ interface is perfect. Nice write up.

  • I don’t think businesses have a clue about G+ either. Search for something using google.com and people’s posts who are in your circles show up right at the top (2nd or 3rd). This _blows_ the normal Rank out of the water! If businesses bothered to learn this, they’d all start up G+ accounts and get people into their circles. Problem is… businesses don’t understand G+ is _NOT_ FB (i.e. it’s not a waste of time).

    Anyone who thinks G+ is dead… is simply clueless. Sorry.

  • I’m with you on this too, especially since the introduction of Communities. I use the big three social networks just like you do, and the more time I spend on G+ the more I see it as the best network to build working and personal relationships.

  • Hopefully 2013 will be the year that businesses realise Google+ is a great tool for visibility and networking. I particularly love the Circles feature; what a fantastic way to target messages towards certain buyer personas!

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