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10 Reasons Why iLove Google+

10 Reasons Why iLove Google+ image google plus logoI know. I know. I’ve written about how I hate Google+ and how Google+ is dead.

OK…I admit it. I was wrong.

Not only is Google+ not dead but in my opinion Google+ is now defining a third place experience between Facebook and Twitter similar to Starbuck’s third place between work and home.

I’ve changed my tune so much I’m now becoming an Google+ Evangelist and that’s why I’d like to share 10 reasons why iLove Google+.

1. Third Place Experience

The more time I spend with Google+ the more I realize that Google+ is now defining/creating a third place experience between Facebook and Twitter. At the time of it’s launch people hailed Google+ as a Facebook Killer, better than Twitter, and the best of Facebook and Twitter combined.

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I actually find myself thinking about Google+ as another social network completely unique unto itself.

Currently I use the big three social networks this way:

1.Twitter – I currently use Twitter to find and share great information and communicate with friends.
2. Facebook – I currently use Facebook as more of a personal social network to keep up with family and friends. I do think about Facebook from a business perspective with my school’s Facebook page as well as my Facebook Page and Bloc Facebook Group. It is only within the space of the Facebook Pages and Group do I interact on a more non-personal level.
3. Google+ – I currently use Google+ more for professional development purposes. I search for information and people around passions that I have including schools, SEO, social media, and inbound marketing to name a few.

2. Interface

I wasn’t a huge fan of the initial Google+ interface but ever since their update I have grown to love the interface for its aesthetic as well as function.

I find the aesthetic modern, clean, and it just makes sense to me. As a result of the design and overall experience I find the Google+ interface allows me to focus on the content.

3. No Ads

Enough said!

4. Cleaner Stream

I’ve grown to love the Google+ stream of posts for a number of reasons:

1. Posts display as most recent by default.
2. There are no game requests and other App related posts.
3. Google+ shares every post a person publishes and doesn’t have to fight EdgeRank.

5. Hangouts

I think Google+ Hangouts is the most under-appreciated feature of Google+ and it’s the one that I most excited about. I’ve participated in a numer of Google+ Hangouts for general discussion, one-on-one communication, and group communization. As Hangouts become more poplar the growth of Google+ will explode…I’m really excited about Hangouts!

6. Circles

Honestly, I didn’t fully understand the concept of Circles when Google+ first launched. Now I think the concept is brilliant!

The idea is to group people based upon common interests. As I mentioned before I have Circles for SEO, schools, school people, social media, authors, and inbound marketing to name a few. When I view content on Google+ I can see all the Circles content together or filter the content I want to read by selecting the Circle with the subject I want to browse.

7. Communities

Google+ recently launched Communities and this feature allows Google+ users to interact on a whole new level. I’ve launched the Tribe Community on Google+ and I encourage you to join to experience Communities as well as interact with other readers on Google+.

8. Searching

Maybe it’s because Google+ was created by the worlds largest search engine but I find the search functionality on Google+ to be vastly superior to Facebook and better than Twitter. With Google+ I’m able to find the person, page, or topic so much quicker than the other social media channels.

9. SEO

Google+ is Google. Let me say that again, Google+ is Google which means that content shared on Google+ is being indexed faster and returned in search results more than Facebook and Twitter. As more and more people participate on Google+ I think that the divide between the SEO quality of content shared on Google+ vs. Facebook/Twitter will grow.

10. Your Turn

I could actually go on and on about what iLove about Google+ but I want to hear what you love about Google+. Please share your thoughts and comments below about what you love about Google+.

If you’re not on Google+ yet please do yourself a favor and sign-up for an account and take Google+ for a spin. Make sure to join the Tribe on Google+ and we’ll learn together.

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  1. I’m definitely with you….the Hangout feature and its On Air ability is totally underrated. G+ definitely still has a few bugs to work out…but it will definitely be one of the top 3 for most important social media site.

  2. Larry says:

    Completely agree. I was never much on twitter and really never had much success driving traffic to my blog from it. Facebook was the #1 social driver for a while. When G+ added communities, I decided to check it out again. I’m hooked.

    Like you, I use Facebook more for family and friend relationships at a personal level. G+ is the opposite, as I use it primarily for interacting with other bloggers.

    I also agree, the G+ interface is perfect. Nice write up.

  3. Todd says:

    I don’t think businesses have a clue about G+ either. Search for something using and people’s posts who are in your circles show up right at the top (2nd or 3rd). This _blows_ the normal Rank out of the water! If businesses bothered to learn this, they’d all start up G+ accounts and get people into their circles. Problem is… businesses don’t understand G+ is _NOT_ FB (i.e. it’s not a waste of time).

    Anyone who thinks G+ is dead… is simply clueless. Sorry.

  4. I’m with you on this too, especially since the introduction of Communities. I use the big three social networks just like you do, and the more time I spend on G+ the more I see it as the best network to build working and personal relationships.

  5. Hopefully 2013 will be the year that businesses realise Google+ is a great tool for visibility and networking. I particularly love the Circles feature; what a fantastic way to target messages towards certain buyer personas!

    • Charlotte,
      Hi. I couldn’t agree with you more and hope that everyone realizings that Google+ is an important social network that they should be paying attention too.

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