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The Weekend Experience: Ways of Improving Your Free Time Using Coffee, Tea, Juice Appliances

We all enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon, somewhere away from all the noise and daily “drama”, peaceful time accompanied by a cup of espresso close to perfection or a warm flavored cup of tea. Some of us prefer a nice glass of refreshing freshly squeezed juice, a book, a long walk, headphones and a good playlist, parks or anything that brings you to the peak of relaxation. Whichever your choice is, you are just one step away from a most desired Sunday experience. This article provides a series of ideas on what anyone of us can use in order to improve the whole concept of “weekend experience” and also raise the quality of our own free time – all with the help of today’s modern home appliances.

A Short Intro On Today’s Home Appliance Inventions

As you all know (for those who don’t, you will probably find out after reading this article), home designers and interior engineers try to find ways to improve our homes by creating home products that save on space, use eco material, are baby-safe and so on. Each of them want to improve our standards of living, create new, unique designs, all in order to save more space, combine artistic with useful and basically save us all from the living nightmare of having to use your entire Saturday to clean and “wax-on, wax-off” the Mr. Miyagi style. And to be honest, how many of us can afford the costs of hiring professional cleaning companies or individuals to do “the dirty work”? So instead of using our free time to relax and recover from a terrible week’s workload, you end up in energy-draining time-consuming activities. Luckily, there are modern home appliances that appear by the minute, some in the style of Superman, plus all affordable for our small pockets. You should definitely consult various appliance ratings  before deciding which is best for you. But before that, let’s cut to the chase: The Weekend Experience.

Coffee Lovers

I think we have talked enough about bad experiences and work. Have a cup of relaxation. In case you prefer a caffeine-based drink, you will be more than happy to hear that home editions of the machines you see in cafés, bar and restaurants are now available, so fear not about being able to steam the milk right or taking a wrong turn. Some of the more advanced models have double boilers. For the single boiler models the most common problem is when making an espresso. Apparently you have to first extract the shot and then steam the milk. Until then the shot can get cold and the espresso experiences abundant flavor loss. But with the new double models you get what is called a wonderful “problem solved”. To add more, most models have a large number of preset commands, thus enabling you to prepare your favorite type of espresso the way you like, with or without “leche” (stands for “Milk” in Spanish”).

What About Good Ol’ Fashion Tea Drinkers

Fear not, tea fans! Appliances have been launched on the market and they also prepare your tea from start to finish (line). All that you have to do is put your choice of tea inside the deposit of the brewer, put water in the recipient and in 5…4…3…2…1, it will heat the water at just the right temperature needed to infuse the tea, then submerge the tea in the water and keep it warm for you until you decide which book to read or playlist to listen. So all you have to do is name your favorite tea, have patience for a few minutes and then enjoy the perfect cup of tea at home, during calm and relaxing weekend days. Either way, I suggest you check all appliance reviews  available out there before “hunting” for the perfect coffee or tea appliance.  

Tough Decision: Coffee, Tea or Juice

For tea and coffee drinkers alike there was a significant improvement to the appliances that bring them their favorite drink: both a coffee machine and a tea maker in some cases being capable of preparing both drinks without damaging the machine itself. As for a fresh glass of juice, there is a large variety to choose from. You can have a nice refreshing and energizing glass of citric juice or a calm and relaxing peach fresh. The choice is yours: larger recipients, smaller ones, portable and so on.

I hope I managed to bring some new products in the spotlights and generate new ideas on how to achieve a perfect weekend experience. If not, “Drinks on the house!”.

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  • I think that space saving appliance is very helpful to save the space and also your time for cleaning purposes. As the technology improves gradually, it is possible for the appliance manufacturing companies to produce the easy-clean appliances also!

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