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3 Tips for Great BBQ

Food & Recipes

There are many things to consider when it comes to cooking great BBQ. Most people worry about their BBQ apparel and cooking utensils, but neither of these mean anything if they can’t cook great BBQ. Here are three tips for cooking the best BBQ you and your guests will ever eat.

1. Choose the right meats

If you want great food, you need to start at the source. Of course, the source of great BBQ is the meat. Therefore, before you ever plan your next cookout, make sure you know where to purchase the best meats. You probably know that there are certain brands of foods that you do not like. Perhaps you can’t eat the store brand cereals or certain brands of macaroni and cheese. In the same manner, your meats have to be top quality.

2. Choose the right sauce

After you purchased your meats, it is time to consider the sauce you will be using on them. Most people would just purchase any kind of BBQ sauce. However, you should expand your inventory to include other types of sauce, such as sweet and sour and honey BBQ. The different varieties will help you cook meat that appeals to all your guests.

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3. Choose the right cooking method

There are different ways to cook BBQ. Some smokers are gas-powered, while others use charcoal. There are even some BBQ smokers that allow you to choose which cooking method you would prefer to use. Your choice will affect the overall taste of your BBQ. Charcoal tends to leave a smoky flavor, which many people prefer. Gas-powered smokers, produce a type of artificial taste. Some people use this method simply because it can help save them money on charcoal.

These three things can either make or break your next BBQ event, so make your decisions carefully.

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