Unsecured Cash Advances for Betterment of Your Business

One of the main problems that most small business owners face is a constant cash flow problem. There are a number of pressure points when you are in need of cash. You have to face your employees when you cannot make payroll, you have to answer to vendors who are to bombard you with calls if their payment is late, at times you have to communicate with your customers that you will not be able to deliver an order as you do not have enough inventory or the worst of the pressure point comes when you have to stagnate your business plan growth if there is not enough cash for operations. There might come such times when you have to face a default on a line of credit if you lose creditworthiness.

There are many unsecured fast cash lenders who provide financing based on the expected cash flow of the business of your company. This kind of a loan is different from a traditional asset backed loan. Here the collateral for the loan is basically based on the asset of your company. You would not be required to provide with any collateral, have very high credit score or make any fixed amount of payments. There are a number of business cash lending companies which have a number of cash solutions for you as per the size of your business. The approval process of these cash lending companies is usually very fast and also quite simple to begin with. The decisions for funding will be provided to you within 3 days of business after your completed application is received. Once the application is approved, you will be able to receive your loan within a span of 7 business days or even less than that.

Generally such unsecured loans cost you more than traditional financing. However, there are a number of advantages such as you wouldn’t need to meet any specific approval criteria that traditional business lenders require of you for collateral, credit, financials and so on. Also, there would be no extensive impact on your debt-to income ratio, personal or business credit, credit lines or ability to get any other financing as these unsecured cash advances are not traditional loans. Generally in order to determine the eligibility that you have and the funding amount that you can get these lenders analyze your existing credit card and cash sales. Some of the ways in which you can use unsecured cash advances are:

  • Expanding your business or making improvements in the current one.
  • Buying inventories in order to prepare for a peak season and in order to get a quality discount.
  • Increase your sales through maintaining customer relationship by introducing gift and loyalty card programs.
  • Dealing with any legal issues that may have arisen
  • Paying of rent or mortgage.
  • Accumulating working capital.
  • Elimination of late fees, returned checks and charges of bank overdrafts.
  • Improve your credit rating so that you can qualify for better terms with your suppliers.

Thus you can see how unsecured cash advances can help in your business.

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