Top 5 Jewelry Designs for 2012

Jewelry is the best way to accessories your outfit. It can be minimal or bold and chunky and, in addition, it always adds an element of style to your outfit. If you want to help your accessories add to your over all persona, the best thing would be to wear pieces of jewelry that are in fashion currently. Here are the five top trends in jewelry this year.

  1. Express With Rock

Geode was traditionally used in home décor, but now you can make a bold statement by wearing Geode jewelry. Geode is a large spherical mass that has minerals like quartz and pyrite embedded on the centre. If you like flaunting exotic pieces of jewelry, this rock jewelry would be just for you. These often have small crystal figures embedded on the centre. Choose a figure that best expresses your style and show it off with élan.

  1. Feathered Look

Flaunting feather jewelry is a cool style that it slowly picking up this season. You can wear jewelry made from long exotic feathers in multiple shades. You can wear these as neck-pieces or earrings. If you want to keep your look tribal and exotic, then choose a long single earring made from multicolored feathers, or a single shade. These long feathered strands have dainty jewels embedded in them that give these pieces a complete facelift.

  1. Large Neckpieces

This season, the trend is to wear large, elaborate necklaces. These should cover your whole neck and reach your chest. Choose elaborate designs in colorful stones and jewels. These statement pieces can completely transform any basic dress you choose to wear. Team these basic dresses that have large necklines and watch the transformation. Wear your hair up to keep the focus completely on the necklace that you are wearing. You can find rainbow sapphire jewelers to select the most perfect neckpiece for yourself this year. Don’t forget, blue sapphire is hot right now.

  1. Futuristic

One trend that will pick up as the year progresses is the futuristic pieces of jewelry. You will find these pieces of jewelry have a sleek, metal look that has been inspired by the future. These pieces make use of a lot of metal, stone and plastic in sleek, designer cuts. You can wear these pieces with formal clothes and see your wardrobe transform completely.

  1. Chokers

You can never have a complete wardrobe this season if you do not own at least one choker necklace. These are large chunky pieces that sit right on your neck and beautiful accentuate your shoulders. Wear large elaborate chokers if you have a long neck or stick to dainty designs if you have a short neck. These will make your neck look long and also help you show off those shoulders. You should wear these with wide neck t-shirts and shirts and with off shoulder, strapless or v-neck dresses.

With these fashion trends currently in your knowledge, get going and stock up on the aforementioned fashionable jewelry. Team these interesting pieces of jewelry with your every day outfits and watch how they completely transform your look.

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