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Tips for a Brighter & Clearer Complexion

It is hard to find one on the earth who do not dream of having a flawless, radiant skin. Some are blessed with beautiful skin while some have to try out a lot of remedies to get one. Those belonging to the second group undermine the fact that there is a strong connection between healthy diet and beautiful skin. Rather, they forget it in the middle of using various skin products that come with false claims (not all, but many of them).

Beautiful Skin

If you wish for a blemish-free and glowing skin, you need to get rid of some myths like the following:

· The skin care products widely advertised to offer a great skin work wonders – Had they been effective, every woman would have got a healthy skin.

· Using soap instead of face wash makes skin squeaky clean – Soaps contain alkali, very harsh for the skin.

· Scrubbing your face regularly keeps skin clean and free of acne – Regular scrubbing takes off the protective oils from the skin thereby, leading to rashes and pimples.

Shed all these misconceptions and follow the most important fact that the balanced amount of vital nutrients in your daily diet can give you a gorgeous skin.

“You are what you eat”; this maxim not only applies to overall health and nutrition. How your skin looks and feels is very much dependent on what you eat. If you eat healthy, you will be an owner of a bright and youthful skin. Dryness, pimples and acne will fear to bother you.

Increase Your Water Intake

Appearance of wrinkles on the skin at an early age is the result of low water intake. Water improves skin’s density. Well-hydrated skin possesses more elasticity which enhances the barrier function of the skin. As a result, the natural healing process of the skin is strengthened.

The right amount of water intake helps in the removal of wastes from the body and brings in the vital nutrients in the body. Proper detoxification improves complexion and elasticity, the two important signs of healthy skin.

Have a Healthy Diet Daily

The daily consumption of different nutrients in adequate amount is immensely beneficial for skin health. Dark green vegetables, dark-colored fruits, organ meat, fatty fish and dairy products, such as egg yolks and milk can shield the skin against dryness and roughness since they are high in Vitamin A content. Fatty acids found in fatty fish, nuts and seeds improve cell membrane health. Onions, fish, whole grains, nuts and mushroom contain mineral selenium which nourishes skin.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E protect skin against sun damage and prevent the harmful free radicals from damaging skin cells. So, eating which foods can help your skin with Vitamins C and E?

Peppers, tomatoes, peas, cabbage and cauliflower are rich in Vitamin C. Strawberries, melons, grapefruits, mangoes and kiwi are also enriched with this nutrient. Vitamin E is found in spinach, broccoli, almonds, hazelnut, peanuts and also, salmon and tuna fish.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture or USDA recommends the following foods to offer your skin the optimal nutrition:

· Three ounces of cereals, whole grain breads, rice, pasta or crackers

· Dark green and orange vegetables

· Foods rich in calcium, such as dairy products

· Low-fat fish and meats

What Studies Say?

A few years back, a study named ‘Skin Wrinkling: Can Food Make a Difference?’ published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition showed that 159 Swedish septuagenarians experienced the least skin wrinkling in a sun-exposed site. The individuals had a higher consumption of vegetables fruits, legumes and monounsaturated fat, but a lower intake of dairy products.

Now, you know what can gift you a well-nourished and bright skin. Then, bid adieu to unhealthy sodium-packed junk foods, sugary soda and white bread and embrace the healthy ones.

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