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Increase Your Glamor Quotient for Your Girls Night Out

A hip and happening location, high heels, and killer dress are only the prerequisites for a fun night out. Move beyond these basics and fashion-forward from the smoldering come-get-me look of your date night to the ultimate, effervescent, hot look of your girls night out.

Now of course, the night makeup has to be darker than your usual day-time make up. But the trick here is to maintain a balance so that it doesn’t look overdone. To avoid any mishaps and ease your way into this, given below are a few makeup tips that will make you look like a celebrity and get those awe-inspiring stares make way for you as you enter the club with your girlies.

Top 5 Makeup Tips for Girls Night Out

Go with Bold Eyelashes

There’s nothing that even comes close to false eyelashes when you want to sport a dramatic look for the night. It brings the attention to your eyes, making you look all flirty and fun.

Use Gleaming Shimmer

A slight dash of shimmer swapped across your upper cheekbone will reflect the sparkle just right in all the lights and make your skin look so glamorous and alive. Use some on your neck, forehead, and chin too. Showing some skin? Add on some shimmer to your cleavage area, collar bone, and shoulders as well.

If for some reason you’ve been tired throughout the day, put on a very tiny bit of shimmer after mixing it well with concealer. Or, you can just press it in your under-eye area for a vibrant, well-rested look.

Time for Bright Lips

For the love of God, give up on those muted, soft tones and slutty, dark shades right now. It’s high time that you flaunt on some fun and bold lip colors. Hot pink lip gloss anyone? Oh come on, it’s not only a perfect pick for a fun night out but will also make your teeth look whiter. Don’t have it? Click here to get some great discounts on stuff from Skinstore and get some of those hot, bold lip glosses all fashionistas are swooning over these days.

Get Wet Liner

The usual liquid liners are messy and are not that easy to apply either. What if I tell you that you can achieve almost the same dramatic eye look without any mess? Yes, simply wet your eyeliner brush and dip it in a charcoal or black shadow, and use it to define your lash lines.

Since you’re going a little heavy on the eye makeup with false eyelashes and all, be sure not to overdo your lips. If your bold lip color is a darker shade that you don’t want to miss out on, for your nighttime look to reflect that extra oomph, be sure to use less of eye shadow. Trying to bring attention to both your lips and eyes will only make you look less like any hot babe, and more like a scary witch.

Dazzle on with Your Blush

Although a subdued shade is your best bet during the day, nothing less than a dazzling blush on will do for you to look stunning for your night out. Make sure you apply it with a light hand and even a highly intense shade will look just right.

Have Sparkling Nails

Don’t be a bore and put on those somber shades. Experiment your nail colors and try out some bright shades, like yellow, tangerine orange, and others. Be sure to apply a coat of clear nail polish that is infused with glitters over your base coat for the sparkly effect.

No Powder

Although matte skin works great for the day, it’s an absolute no for your night out because it will make your skin look lifeless, dull, and all chalky in the evening light. You can avoid this by skipping the application of a powder after you’ve put on your foundation. Natural oils of your skin and radiance should be able to make up for skipping the powder. Be sure to put on a coat of foundation on your legs too.

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It seems like you’ll now be all decked up but make sure that you’ve decided on your party dress at least a night before and have also picked up the accessories to go with it beforehand.

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