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Dress For Every Date Like It’s Your First

Hey honey, let’s go out and get a bite to eat. Listen up, boys and girls. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating, those eleven words do not mean toss on your scungy, tattered favorite sweatpants and a pair of flipflops. Getting on an intimate basis with another person gives you an amazing freedom to relax, let loose and just be yourself. But it doesn’t mean that dressing down for date nights should be the the new normal in your life.

It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that Robert Pattinson wore flannels and a tattered t-shirt to bed. Or that on those nights when he and Kristen weren’t cruising the red carpet looking all swanky thanks to personal stylists and lots of hair gel he pantsed-up in torn jeans and not-so-new trainers. Because that would explain everything about how our favorite movie Bella could ever find the need to toss herself into the arms of another man. Just conjecture, but maybe for these beautiful people it was the Curse of Casualness and not, like the characters they portray, something more sexy and supernatural.

So why do we do it? Why does almost every relationship go through the i-just-can’t-be-bothered-to-get-more-dressed-than-this downhill slide? Why aren’t we more aware of the fact that we most probably hooked our hotties looking, at least for the first few months, our very best after giddy hours of mental, emotional and wardrobe prep before dates. What makes us think that they ever really want to see us with that greasy flattened-down-hair spot at the back of our heads and ketchup stained grey sweatpants while noshing   even the most casual burrito or curry at our favorite ______. The only time this is ever acceptable in public is when we’ve literally just extricated ourselves from sweaty sheets on a sensual Sunday morning and slip dazed over to the local latte and bagel cafe. Or if you’re in character, prepping for your role as a careless and unhygienic genius destined to save the universe in some new tv series by JJ Abrams. And even then you best be looking like Jennifer Garner (who always steps out so cute with her handsome Ben Affleck) or and have at least half of her talent.

Honestly, though. Don’t we all feel better about ourselves, more confident and even smarter, sexier, when we put a bit of effort into looking nice? That confidence radiates to everyone around us, including our spouses, lovers, family and friends. Look at Angelina and Brad: even when they’re doing relaxed, with their gaggle of kiddies swirling around their legs on the way to the gelato store, they look cool, collected and classy Even if Angelina is only wearing a simple womens dress, she looks like she’s put the effort into turning even the most mundane excursions into events.  And when it comes to actual events, few celebrity couples match their sheer elegance and beauty. Posh and David Beckman might come close as far as matching outfits goes, so even though they lack the overall Brangelina class, they earn a gold star for dress-up date night effort.

You might say they do it only so they won’t be in danger of becoming next week’s Would You Be Caught Dead in This Outfit in a celeb rag-azine. But what’s stopping any of us from pretending we’re being stalked by paparazzi and dressing accordingly, even for that trip down to the pizza place at the Target strip mall? Keeping yourself sparkly is the key to keeping the sparkle in your romance. Go ahead and toss out the torn panties and fugly old comfort pants. Go score some simple, new and clean-line classics for your wardrobe and invest in accessories like bangles, belts and other random bling to top the new look off (be sure to try new accessory combos every time you go out.) Freshen up even with a light shower and a sprinkle of subtle, fresh fragrance that won’t overwhelm your food (or your date’s senses!) and check yourself out in the mirror before you go. Would you fall for that person in the mirror? Do you want to give yourself a kiss? Then you’re good to go. And no matter how long you’ve been together, you and your favorite sweetie are going to be crushing on each other all over again.

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