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Dip Dyed Hair Still on Trend

Dip Dyed Hair Still on Trend Are you brave enough for purple?

Dip dyed hair emerged as a popular trend in 2010, and it’s still going strong in 2012. Celebrities have had the ends of their hair colored red, pink, yellow, green, purple, and even neon colors!

Not quite that brave? You can still get in on the dip dyed trend with a more natural look. Ask your stylist for a graduated hair color. For example, if you have dark brown hair, have her gradually lighten it until the ends are honey blonde, or lighter. On the flip side, if your hair is naturally light, have your stylist try taking it darker toward the roots.

Although you could go the DIY-dip-dyed route, it’s best to go to a salon and have an experienced colorist or stylist do it for you. Here’s why: Depending on your natural hair color, you may need to have your ends lightened first. For example, black hair is very hard to bring up to blonde, and your stylist may have to process it more than once to get the right tone. It may even require more than one visit.

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Also, it can be difficult to achieve a natural graduation of color using boxed hair dyes. You’d have to buy several different shades to “get the look,” whereas your stylist can simply mix up a few color formulas to give you the hues your heart desires.

Just like all color treated hair, dip dyed hair needs special care. Be sure to use professional products made for color treated hair. They’ll preserve the integrity and color of your mane, as well as keep it strong and prevent damage. Another tip is to use heat protection products before you blow dry, flat iron or use your curling iron. These not only protect your hair’s structure, but also help keep your color looking vibrant.

Get in on a hot trend and ask your stylist about dip dyed hair. How bold you go depends on you! Why not be daring and try a hot neon color, or a tie dyed look? No matter your taste and style, you can find colors that will look great on you! All you need is a little help!

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