5 Color Crushes For Fall 2012

Although fashionistas can never suffice with anything short of the popular “shop until you drop” phenomena when welcoming a new season, trends do come and go quickly. If you’re someone like me, who loves to stay stylish, but at the same time, do cringe on having to let go of those expensive clothes every few months that you so fondly bought, I have a solution for you.

Okay, buying trendy clothes can and actually do break your bank to a great extent. But you cannot just wear “any” clothes whatsoever. It’s not a part of your style. Fair enough. So what’s stopping you? Go and get your hands on the latest collection of your favorite designer brands and be content. But then, how will you spend less and stay fashionable at the same time? I’ll tell you how.

This time when you go shopping, why not focus more on buying the right in-season colors rather than following the trends blindly? It’s the trends that go out of fashion; the colors usually stay for a long time. Yes, it’s fun experimenting with trends but colors can be exciting too.

So ladies, for those of you who like my idea, given below are the top 4 colors that fashion aficionados are crushing on, for fall 2012:

Burnt Orange – So we all know that Tangerine has dominated the market all through the spring and summer 2012. This will now be taken over by its darker and more elegant version of orange for winter, this year. The burnt orange hues were spotted on various fall runways, which included shows of designers, like Proenza Schouler and Rodarte. The immediate combo that comes to mind, when you think about burnt orange is, with the classic black color. But you shouldn’t hesitate in teaming it with white, charcoal, and blue as well. I just bought a pencil skirt in burnt orange and I just can’t wait to wear it to work tomorrow.

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Royal Blue – In case you haven’t heard about this already, know that girls are going crazy over this awesome royal blue color from quite a while now. And like I said, it continues to be one of the most coveted color of the year even for the fall of 2012. This classic color made a comeback in the collections of Chanel and Stella McCartney this year. You can wear it with any color. Really! It still gets you the attention you want and boosts the overall appeal of neutrals very well. You can wear it with any polka dot top to get the right look.

Non-Neon Yellow – Now don’t roll your eyes wondering what color is this? You’ve had enough fun with neon yellow. Now it’s time you trade it with a more deeper and classy yellow. Primrose yellow seemed quite dominant in Chloe and Oscar de la Renta runway shows this season. This turmeric yellow or the mustard yellow shades are just perfect for the coming months and are best worn with cream and royal blue.

Deep Red – While red is always in fashion, no matter when you wear it; still a few seasons see more of red than other seasons. This year, fall will see the dramatic, elegant, deep red take rounds among the style divas. You can wear it on your lips, nails or may even buy some great red heels to accentuate your wardrobe. That reminds me, I just love the shoe collection of the 6pm store. You can buy discount codes for 6pm on the given link, to save some bucks.

Yes, the summer this year was remarkable with all striking neon shades and subtle pastels, it’s time you embrace these sophisticated hues of the fall 2012 that are perfect for cooler months ahead. Sure, you cannot completely ignore the trends and it’s okay to give in to their temptation every once in a while. To stay updated with the latest in the industry, you can always follow the famed vogue.com. The only thing to remember is, don’t follow only the “trends.”

Focusing on the right colors of the season can also make a huge deal of difference to your wardrobe and make you look stylish without creating a hole in your pocket by pursuing every new trend that hits the market.

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