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4 Popular Jacket Styles for 2012

When it comes to choosing a jacket, simply buying the one that you fancy the most is undoubtedly the worst possible way. Apart from the style factor and the financial aspect, you will need to keep in mind the situations and purpose for which you will be using the jacket. This is why you must know about the top 4 jacket styles that are prevalent in the market and then make your choice accordingly.

1.  Lightweight Waterproof Jackets

This is the perfect choice of jacket for someone –

a)  Who is looking for something as regular wear;

b)  Who lives in a region where it tends to rain sporadically and without much warning;

c)  For those people who like to keep their luggage to the minimum and love travelling light; and

d)  For short cycling trips, trekking or any other similar camping activities where you will need to keep dry without adding to your luggage.

You will get a lot of choices when it comes to colors, designs and brands when you are searching for the perfect lightweight waterproof jacket. The variety of brands selling in this category also ensures that you will always find one that meets your budget.

2. Packable Waterproof Jacket

This jacket is the right choice for you if you are planning to travel during the monsoon season without any luggage with you. The fact that this waterproof jacket can be packed into your pocket or any other small bag makes it the perfect solution for going to work during the rainy season. You can also use it for other small activities like your morning walk, errand outings and many more.

3. Gilets

This form of jacket is the perfect one for those people who feel that their arms are too restricted by wearing a jacket and want a lighter solution during chilly climates or slight drizzles. The fact that the gilet jackets come without a sleeve make this possible and have been hot favorites among men and women. You can easily use the gilet jackets for traveling to slightly higher altitudes and other slightly chilly places in and around your residence.

You can get the gilets jackets in multiple colors and it comes from the stables of multiple renowned brands in this segment. Don’t worry about the budget as there is a wide range of gilets jackets available in the market.

4. Ski Jackets

As the name suggests these jackets are perfect for your skiing activities and come with multiple features that will ensure that, you are safe from falls, chilly winds and rain when it comes to the skiing ranges. The flap at the bottom of this jacket will protect you from falls and other small-scale skiing accidents. It also comes with media storage pockets that will store and secure your music and other devices when you are skiing.

These four jackets are undoubtedly the most commonly sold jacket types and you must keep in mind the purpose for which you will be using one when you are buying them. All of these jackets are especially perfect backpacking expeditions. If you wish to see the latest trend in jacket styles, you can check out this men’s fashion accessory mission for Opumo for the most happening jacket styles of 2012.

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  • OMG I never knew jackets had so many styles. Next time I shop for one, I’ll keep these useful pointers in my mind. Thanks!

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