4 Overdone Winter Style Trends (That Need to Stop)

As one of the fashion industry’s two major seasons, the winter tends to spark a number of style and beauty trends that carry on throughout the rest of the year. A few of these trends become instant classics and join America’s permanent style canon. Most, however, do not. They get big, grow benign and then slowly fade away – like that rash you got at summer camp when you were 12. Or perms.

Now that the newest generation of winter style trends is beginning to sprout, it’s time to put some of these old, weary or unfit fads out of their misery. For example, here are four seasonal fashion trends that need to be excised immediately.

1)      Ombré Hair. The rise of the hipster thrift shop movement brought forth a new hairstyle that can only be described as “heroin chic.”  Rather than style their hair, hip young fashionistas began to leave it messy and unkempt – as if they’d just gotten off of a four-day bender in the desert. To make it look even grungier, girls began to stain it dark at the roots and light at the tips to imitate a neglected dye job.

Ombré hair, as the blogosphere likes to call it, was cool for a while. However, as more and more celebrities began to pick the style up, the dirty locks lost much of their edgy luster and. It was one thing when Mary Kate and Kesha rocked a hombre, but when PG sweetheart Drew Barrymore donned the ‘do, the trend was officially over. This winter, it’s time to put the unkempt quaffs to rest for good.  Undone hair is grand, but no more of this Ombré stuff. Style it or don’t, but don’t deliberately try to make your hairdo look messy.

2)      Double Bagging. Sometime this season, someone decided it was a good idea to carry two designer bags at once.  The trend caught on, and now women all over the country are layering their purses and bags in what appears to be this season’s most pointless fashion statement.

Why do you need to take two bags out with you? Are you trying to show off your Coach purse collection or do you really have that much stuff to carry? In any case, this seems like a terribly impractical fad. Sure, it looks neat now, but let’s see how you feel when you forget one of your fancy purses at a club or restaurant.

3)      Military-Style Clothes. Military-inspired clothes have become something of a dead horse in the fashion industry. Every time the leaves change colors, design houses start rolling out the utility jackets and drab cargo pants and every year, it all looks the same.

It’s easy to see why the military theme such a big hit in the winter. The clothes come in neutral shades and the look they create is very accessible, which makes them great for retail. However, we’ve been doing military for so long now that isn’t it time to move on to something new? The look is the epitome of stale. It would be great if the industry could put it on the backburner for a few years and go back to the drawing board.

4)      Uggs (+Leggings ). Ugg Boots, those hideously comfortable sheepskin abominations from Australia, have enjoyed a spot in just about every girl’s closet since 2007. In fact, the Uggs + leggings combo is still considered to be the standard uniform for college students across the country who are too tired, lazy or cool to put on proper clothes for class.

This needs to stop. Uggs are not the only comfortable pieces of footwear on the market anymore. There are plenty of other, more attractive options for women who care only for comfort- like loafers and jeggings. Now that sales on these horrendous boots are finally falling, it’s time bury them in the grave where they belong. It was good while it lasted, but it lasted far too long.

Don’t fall victim to these winter fashion faux-pas. Switch up your style this season and try something new for a change, like wearing Blush dresses instead of black gowns. You’ll look better and who knows, you might even start a trend of your own!

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  • lola says:

    I couldn’t agree more…if I see another pair of Uggs I will scream! Leggings are just as bad also! If you want to learn about beauty trends check out Works of Beauty.

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