2013 Fashion Trends – What Can You Expect?

2013 Fashion TrendsWith the New Year just getting underway, now is the perfect time to get ready for the upcoming fashion trends for the 2013.  Big time sales online can save you a lot of money—if you know what you’re looking for ahead of time.  Make sure you’re in the know about the fashion trends for 2013 and prep ahead of time to save the most money.

Bermuda Shorts

We saw a ton of Bermuda shorts on the New York runways this season meaning only one thing: they’re going to be the biggest thing for 2013.  This is good news for those of us who prefer the roomy comfort of the cut.  While they are still very flattering to the figure, they also give a little extra leeway to those of us who haven’t gotten rid of the holiday weight yet.  With the global warming phenomenon in full effect, that might just be a bit of design intervention.

Black and White

While typical spring trends have fallen the way of the Easter egg in the past, this year promises to be different.  While the floral prints of springtime will never truly go out of style, the black and white simplicity of the 2013 spring collections we saw on the runways shows a pragmatic look for a hardened economy.  Perfect for date night, the office or a walk in the park, keeping it simple means you’ll be able to put together many outfits with fewer items of clothes in your arsenal.

Peekaboo Pieces

With the daring cutouts, midriff-baring separates, up-to-the-thigh splits and sheer fabrics we saw coming out onto the runway, those who did get to the gym this winter will have plenty to wear to show their bodies off.  The greatest thing about this trend is that there are so many options as to where the actual peekaboo happens, you’ll be able to accentuate your favorite parts while covering up others.

Statement Sunglasses

Big, loud sunglasses are in once again; this includes vintage sunglasses and the continued trend of oversized bug-eye sunglasses.  Make them as loud as you want, everybody will be listening.

Bold Stripes

Big, bold stripes make a comeback this year, beating out the loud digital prints that threatened to take their place in fashion for 2013.  You can wear them with just about anything and make a different statement each time.  Denim and stripes brings the Americana feel to the table while wearing them from head to toe is ultra-chic.

Luxe Leather

Minimalistic shapes, rich colors, and a no-frills approach to hair, makeup, and accessories bring us back to the 80’s when this trend first started.  Fortunately, the cuts and patterns have gotten a lot more hip in the past few decades (even if the music hasn’t).  And while some people think luxe leather is a bit hot, keep in mind that our springs and summers have been coming later in the year recently.

Beautiful Beading

The Indian, Middle Eastern and Russian influences have had their impact on fashion this year.  Coming in the form of beautiful beading on clothing, the intricate and delicate beaded lines being placed on 2013 evening wear have replaced the gaudy sequined mini-dresses of yesteryear.  Good riddance!

Shorts Suit

One of the hottest items this year is definitely going to be the shorts suit.  Because this brings fem-power to business appropriate levels while still keeping it classy, shorts suits are the best bet for a long-term fashion trend.  Don’t be afraid to shell out a little bit of extra money on these since you’ll be wearing it for a few years.

Sporty Dresses

Flirty A-line skirts and shoulder-showcasing bodices are all the rage right now and with good reason—almost every designer is coming out with sporty dresses that are using them. Wear these with the collegiate letter jackets that are also trending this year and go however you want in the shoe department.  The best thing about these sporty dresses is that they work with just about anything.

Flats and Low Heels

Sexy ’90s pointy heels are back in style again, this time with modernized looks that include clear heels and transparent cutaways.  Stick to whatever works for your feet, but don’t be afraid to rock your pumps with your Bermuda shorts or some slouch jeans.

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