Why Buying Facebook ‘Likes’ is a Bad Move

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  • Frank says:

    Hi Shell, Great article! I have a mixed view when it comes to this topic. Some companies should not buy Facebook likes and some should. The benefits of buying Facebook likes would be for companies that our in a start up phase and looking to add that social appeal to their company, this can work wonders for new companies, as people tend to gravitate to whats popular and it builds a loyal fan base over time. Remember that companies our not going to just buy Facebook likes and stop their marketing efforts their; they will be doing what they can to drive more people to that page once they have already bought the likes. I work for a social media marketing company http://www.hearme.co and we have provided numerous companies with said service, they have all been successful in their launches and have seen an overwhelming growth to their fan numbers on Facebook. I know if a new company solicited me to come check out their page and they only had 100 likes, I might not pay as much attention to their page compared to lets say 5,000 likes or so, it would get me curious as to why they have 5,000 likes and I would want to like the page and find out. That being said their is a down side to buying likes as you clearly stated, and I agree with you completely, in my opinion companies that have started marketing themselves and have a somewhat loyal customer fan base should never buy Facebook fans in big numbers they will just look foolish. Ideally you will just want to use this tactic to help with the initial launching of your company and do not continue to buy more and more likes. Also great content is key! Again your article is great, you touch on some very good points. This was just my two cents.

    Frank Rothman

    • Shell says:

      Hi Frank, thanks for the feedback!

      If a client simply wants their community to appear like it has a lot of likes, then buying them will of course achieve that. I also agree with you that a community that looks busy may be more appealing, however, if I visit a page, it doesn’t matter how many other people are following it, if there is nothing interesting on the page or that last post was a month ago, I won’t join it.

      My belief is that if you have 1,000 bought fans, odds are a tiny number, if any, are going to have an interest in the brand and as a result will have no desire to engage. If you build 1,000 fans organically however, the vast majority are going to have an interest in the brand and be willing to engage.

      I’ve worked with lots of companies who have started with communities of zero and building momento takes time for sure! I believe that effort pays off however and makes organically built communities more valuable; that is to say, more members of that community will be influenced by marketing messaging.

      Great to hear your comments on the matter, thanks.

  • Frank says:

    I totally agree with you on the fact that anybody wanting to retain loyal fans and experience true social sharing of their page; should 100% have interesting and captivating content, we advise all of our clients on just that! Thank you for your reply I really enjoyed this post, it is really informative for people in the business community. One more thing I would like to touch on about buying Facebook likes with our company is the majority of our clients are in the music business, so things tend to differ with the whole aspect of appearing to have more fans. I should have made that clear in my original comment.

  • Talen says:

    Another problem with buying facebook or twitter followers is that the majority are dummy or fake accounts that never have any activity and within 3 months of following you they un-follow you. Target the people you want to follow and do it manually because in the long run this is what works best

  • Shell Robshaw-Bryan says:

    It should also be added that this is the kind of fakery that Google warns against. It will actively penalise websites found to be artificially manipulating followers and fan numbers, so in terms of SEO, it’s dumb thing to do.

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