The Power of Images on Facebook

I’m going to get straight to the point in this post and ask you a question…

Are you using images on every post you make on Facebook?

If not, then would you like to see the following improvements from your Facebook campaign?

Statistic Number 1: “…photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post.”

Statistic Number 2: “…photo posts attracted 104% more comments than the average post…”
Hubspot Blog

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I looked into Facebook insights for our very own Fanpage and 8 out of the top 10 most engaged posts were photos, and when I delved deeper 15 out of the top 20 were photos. When you look at big brands you can see they are all taking this idea very seriously, and why wouldn’t they given those stats HubSpot shared!

As with most things in business; if the big brands are doing it repeatedly, there must be a very good reason for it – and the reason is that it works and makes them money.

Ways to use photos to drive engagement

Seasonal images

You always know holidays are coming when the Coca-Cola truck starts creeping into your life, and of course seasonal images such as theirs have a big impact.

This image alone (at time of writing) in 24 hours has created:


Compare that to an earlier post about codes on packs of their products and it only generated:


Facebook Adidas Ebenezer SnoopCreate a campaign with visuals baked in

Adidas launched a Facebook app for the holiday season named ‘The Cautionary Tale of Ebenezer Snoop’. Rather than just promoting the app with standard posts they recruited animator JJ Sedelmaier, who was behind Beavis and Butthead, to create a cartoon that retells the story of A Christmas Carol, involving Snoop Dogg and a host of sporting celebrities.

The result on this one image with Snoop and David Beckham?


Let the creatives run loose in your company

Of course the previous two involved either some branding work that is embedded in people’s minds (Yes, yes I know holidays are coming!) and a substantial amount of work and money.

Being a sister-brand to Vertical Leap, we are made up of many wonderful talented people, so we leverage some of that talent through our social media channels. In this case we used the talents in-house to create festive photos of team members, and I think you can see that much fun was had during the process.

The collection of Christmas photos has generated over 60 likes in total so far!

Needless to say this cost us next to no money, apart from gathering a few props and letting the photographers lose on their cameras and some editing afterwards.

If you don’t happen to have any creative types, then it is always worth thinking about employing the skills of designers or photographers to give you that edge over your competitors – especially when you can have as much fun as we did during the creation process!

Run a competition based on images

Our very own Red Rocket Media ‘Britain’s Best Office Dog’ competition has been running for a couple of weeks. We have loved receiving all the entries and if you haven’t submitted your office dog you still have time as entries close on the 24th December!

The ‘Ozzie from another office’ seen here collected 12 likes and 2 shares – but he is well liked by fans of the submitting page Wood Green Animal Shelters and when they shared our post his photo got a further 88 likes.

So far the images we have shared have created 36 likes, but we plan to do a whole lot more sharing of the submitted photos when the submission date has passed.

As you can see there are no magic tricks to any of our simple ideas. You could come up with an idea yourself that would resonate with your marketplace and start sharing images as soon as possible.

Many Facebook Fan Pages post nothing but images and place links in the description instead of having a small thumbnail when linking to content. Do you use images often already, or do you think that it is not worth your time? Leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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  • Qnary says:

    Using pictures, infographics, and videos are great ways to attract more attention to your social media profiles. If you aren’t already, try to integrate some visual content into your posts; your followers and friends will be more likely to pay attention to and look at your posts. Great article, Stuart!

  • Alison Gilbert says:

    2012 has been the year year of the visual. It has become part of the social media vernacular. The stats in your post are the proof in the pudding. Ever since Pinterest’s meteoric rise in social media history, everyone knows and everything is now about visual.

    Here is a blog post I wrote on this very topic.

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