The Marketer’s Manual for Facebook Advertising

There are a whopping 18,330,820 Facebook users in Canada- greater than half the total population of the country. With this much of the Canadian market being located in the same place, for many industries advertising on Facebook has the potential to reach a lot more of your target market than say, in magazines or directories. No marketer can argue with the ability to define their target customers in a very specific way, and measure the daily success of your efforts.

If you already have a Facebook business page, you obvious understand the importance of staying relevant online. Even if your page is providing valuable and interesting content to your followers, there is no instant way that will grow your network or convert your fans into sales. When done correctly, this will happen over time. If you’re looking to speed up the process, try Facebook Ads.

The Benefits:

• It can not only be used to promote your Facebook presence, but also events, promotions, or your own website
• Increased credibility – Facebook displays your sponsored post alongside a list of your targets friends who have already liked your page
• Flexibility in scheduling and budgeting
• Easy targeting of your very specific target customer

The Challenge:

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• Unlike with Google ads, users are not actively searching for your products/services

Setting Up Your Facebook Campaign

What is your goal?

Do you want to increase your page likes, promote an important post, or create an advanced ad that links to your website? For the best possible success in a Facebook campaign, your call to action should be a low commitment conversion. Your audience is not searching for products or services, they are there to socialize, so don’t expect to be able to make an impressive sale. Getting a visitor to join an email list is a realistic goal; one that will allow you to continue to nurture them through the sales cycle in the future.


Create your ad

Facebook is an exceptionally visual social platform. When designing your ad, you need to use the best possible high quality image (even though it’s tiny). The best images to use to increase your click through rate are photos of people’s faces that your target market can relate to. If you’re selling to a broad market, you can create multiple ads with different photos, and target those ads accordingly.

You have 25 characters for a heading and 75 for the body. Try to express benefits to the customer in this limited space.

example of an effective image

example of an effective image

Choose your Audience

Select who you want to see your ad, by location, age, and gender. You can further target by specific interests (enter precise terms yourself), and select checkboxes for broad category demographic info (ie: real estate, small business owner, family status). If you are a wedding caterer, you can advertise directly to newly engaged men and women within your geographic location. It’s a beautiful thing.

You can set your campaign so that it displays only to your fans, or to everyone but your fans. You can even target people based on other pages or individuals they are connected to.

WSI's target of small business owners in the Milton area is easily specified

WSI’s target of small business owners in the Milton area is easily specified

Set your Budget , Schedule, and Review

Set your campaign to run continuously, or schedule it for a certain time period or specific days. Unless you are only looking to create awareness of your brand, optimizing for clicks is best. Once all of your campaign details are completed, Facebook will provide a suggested bid per click. Bid slightly above their suggested, and monitor the performance of your campaign for a couple days. Not spending your budget? Increase your bid. Seeing a good return on your campaign? Consider increasing your budget to get even more clicks.

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