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  • Quote – “Your page will show up in the Google’s search results if someone searches for your company or for keywords that you cover in your page. “If you are looking to build a brand and market your company, you will want a fan page, hands down,” says Shama. It allows for a lot more freedom and visibility when building your Facebook community”. in the latest dialogue, google can no longer crawl facebook and twitter and how a facebook business page shows up on the search results are measure simply by the backlinks that are pointing to it. Google cannot index and know how many fans u have etc…

    • From what I see Google indexes the Facebook Page Name, categories, and the about/info page. So, keywords in those areas are beneficial. As far as ranking the page, you are probably correct on backlinks being the primary criteria, but, if someone is searching for your brand, you probably have little competition, except where you have common business name. If you have a local Facebook page, then the results will be greatly reduced based on a geo-modifier in the search query.

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