Optimize Your Business & Enhance Your Brand Image with ‘Facebook Graph Search’

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the world which brings together all the information related to the people in your network such as photos, tags, check-ins, likes, etc. and in turn indexes them for making the search functionality very smooth. Now the search bar is being replaced by a new box for searching the suggested categories such as photos that are liked, music liked by friends, games played by friends, nearby restaurants, friends’ photos and list of friends. It is therefore very important to know how to use the Facebook Graph Search for escalating business success. Let’s have a look at this.

Business Benefits

Facebook Graph Search provides major benefits. A company can have its information & details on the Facebook page regularly updated, social profile integration is totally revamped, right partners, experts, & fans could be easily approached, get one step closer to the Facebook people, meaningful contacts can be made by reputable brands & with Facebook backing up future improvements are expected every now and then. Other major benefits that the Facebook Graph Search provides in a business are:

Reputation Management
Through Facebook Graph Search, a reputation can be managed properly by peeping into the reviews or experiences of the people that have been associated with your page or entity. Through the Graph Search you can know the number of people who like or do not like you, people who have made a complaint or not regarding services, people who have hired or still not hired the services etc.

Multi-Location Search
A Facebook page is very important especially when the business is situated across multiple global locations. Here Facebook Graph comes into the picture which says a lot of things about your business & where it is exactly positioned.

For example, if you are searching for good restaurants in Los Angeles then you can get a list of all the eateries registered with Facebook accompanied with the name, type of restaurant, address, price range, ratings, reviews, time & number of Facebook members who have already visited the place. You can also create a buzz for a pre-launch event or even validate before opening a new store in a different city altogether.

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Facebook Graph Search

Recruitment Search
With so many people on Facebook & with Graph Search now in place, recruiters can now search for people belonging to niche categories making it easier for a company to hire employees for any position. The employees can be bifurcated & traced on the basis of work culture, education, prior work experience, education, skills etc. In this way it serves the purpose of being a professional network like LinkedIn where employers & job seekers come together.


  • Changing the behavior of the consumers may be a time consuming process if not done with a strong will & purpose. The dilemma that the consumers will have to face is why one can depend on Graph Search & not on Google Search. For example, this scenario is very similar to Apple iPhone suddenly grabbing the mobile market initially & then people looking for Android based devices again, switching their preferences from Apple more towards Samsung, & HTC Smartphones.
  • Advertisers may get saturated advertising on Graph Search as the Search Engine Optimization to rate the quality of advertisers is yet to be introduced on Facebook.
  • Incomplete profiles might result in Graph Search not being able to display a clear picture regarding an individual, a thing or an entity.
  • Likes, Comments, & Shares of friends or connected people might not be strong enough to impress others & develop a strong branding approach.

How to Optimize a Business Page on Graph Search

Here are some tips which will guide you in business page optimization with Graph Search:

  • Create a Business Page of your organization on Facebook. If your business has a profile on Facebook, it will show up in the search results of the related product. So it is helpful to create a meaningful page with relevant content rather than a page showing up with no useful content at all.
  • Vanity URL such as “facebook.com/Company Name” should be relevant & it should match the company’s name. Consider having keywords in the content of your page which users will search the most.
  • The About Section should contain the relevant key phrases. Also company name, information & the category to which it belongs should be mentioned on this page.
  • The Address pertaining to the physical location where your business is situated should be up-to-date so users find you easily.
  • A Relevant Fan Base should be drawn to your page. This can be achieved by encouraging business partners, family, friends & customers like your page. Also, users should be kept engaged so that they keep on visiting on a regular basis.
  • Offers & Discounts should be provided to the users in the form of free service or rewards.
  • Contests should be held on a regular basis and prizes given.
  • Branding your products with a Digital Sign could help you leverage the credibility of your business.
  • In order to drive more likes, focus on the individual User Interests & satisfy them accordingly.
  • Entertaining & humor quotient present on your page in terms of Graphics and Sound could be really useful in grabbing more users.
  • Videos & Photos are a great source of viral marketing to publicize your page orally.
  • Ask People once in a while to post something on the page. This will make the page more interactive & spamming free.
  • Through Graph Search users can make Searches to Get Through to friends and strangers besides pals of friends. This feature will work if information about your profile is widely available, but you would not be happy if other information pertaining to photos and likes and others is there.

Facebook Graph Search Privacy

You can stop your friends from finding you out by:

  • Lock icon present on the right side of your profile should be clicked.
  • Go to “Who can look up your timeline by name?” in Edit Next.
  • Select the friends from the menu with a drop-down list.
  • Click on close.

Activity log could cross checked by:

  • Lock icon present on the right side of your profile should be clicked.
  • Click on “Review all your posts and the things you’re tagged in.” Present in Use Activity Log
  • Limit visibility by clicking on two person’s head icon.
  • The tag of the Remove / Report should be clicked.
  • “I want this photo removed from Facebook.” should be selected.
  • Continue should be clicked.

By limiting past, present, or future posts, you just set limits on what your friends can see in order to lock unnecessary friends from viewing certain pictures. This can be done by:

  • Lock icon present on the right side of your profile should be clicked.
  • By clicking on Limit Past Posts, you can have a limited audience viewing posts on your timeline.
  • The same procedure can be applied in case of limiting old posts.

Summing Up

Most of the functionality of the Facebook Graph Search is still at the initial level, but it is expected to be feature-rich in the future. As a huge number of people join this networking platform every day, you can expect lots of data to be released from Facebook from the Open Graph in the near future.

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