Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

On March 7, 2013, Facebook officially announced on their main blog that they have released a new design to the main new feed.

This has been very big news around the social media world and countless large blogs which they have talked about the details of this new design.

I have picked up the news myself and decided that since Facebook is a site I use all the time and my followers use it as much as I do, I decided to add my voice to the bunch about the new design and talk about the benefits it adds to our returns.

Enjoy! :)

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Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

One Word: Simplicity!

If I was given only the possibility of describing the new Facebook Feed in one word, it would be the word “simple”!

One of the best examples to show this simplicity is the new columns and especially the toolbar of Facebook.

It might be stretch to be saying it has two toolbars, one going across the top and one going down on the left.

Both are similar in a way that they display what they offer in a very simple way.

Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

Items in the new feed are now separated distinctly and identified fully with the user that posted that specific status.

The simplicity is also helping things be organized in a way that is not cluttered anymore.

Also the simplicity promotes a more visual aspect which we will save for later!

Following Feed for Businesses!

Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

As I have learned more about this news feed change on Facebook around on the internet I have read from different people that there is a possibility of separating what kind of items get into the news feed.

Is there a possibility of Facebook page statuses being in a separate feed?

Facebook is creating many types of feeds which I will be talking about later.

Since they have officially announced that they are going to really filter out the main news feed, the following feed is where pretty much all of your updates from your Facebook page are going to be located.

This is it where it is going to get interesting for brands and companies that manage a Facebook page.

I mean is it going to be even harder to get your status updates to be seen by your fans in their own news feed?

Are they (users) actually going to use the following tab more often than not?

Are the “bigger” brands going to hog all of the main news feed and not give the smaller guys a chance at all?

Brands might not even have a chance to get their updates in the main news feed?

These are questions that I have asked myself and maybe some of yours that will be answered a little down the road once the new design  is established.

Visually, Facebook turned it up a notch!

I firmly believe Facebook is moving towards a more visual interface.

Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

They are smart in taking this tactic and following the trend that is pretty obvious across the web.

What I noticed with the new feed is  the images look much larger than the normal feed in the current design.

This is more true since the link previews are displaying even bigger feature images.

It seems that updates such as friend “likings” and new friend connections are more visible to the user browsing through his news feed.

More accent is placed on your Friends’ updates!

Since Facebook is placing more accent on personal features, they are trying to get you to add whatever you enjoy to your main news feed.

And obviously why wouldn’t a person not enjoy the most the updates and statues that his friends post!

Facebook has clearly mentioned it is removing all the clutter than can be seen in the feed and organizing all of the features Facebook is offering.

Friend’s statuses are very important to Facebook and has made sure to make it obvious between a friend’s status and another status from someone else!

A variety of Feeds to choose from!

A new feature that we haven’t seen before on Facebook is the ability to choose what kind of feeds we want to see, separately.

Photos, article links, status updates from pages, etc…. this is what we all see clustered together in the main feed.

Organization is the second newest feature of the new feed, right after its simplicity!

Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

An example of a new feed Facebook has created is the possibility of seeing online photo uploads of your friends and everything related to photos.

All these photos are gathered and organized in a single feed for easier viewing.

A new feed among these feeds is the following feed from the pages that you have liked and followed.

This is the new feed I am especially going to follow and watch out for!

Is it going to be harder for your page to visible now with the new design update?

Or will help filter out the really interested people and get more quality followersfor your page?

Followed its Mobile route!

Is Facebook Giving Us A Better Looking News Feed?

I use the mobile app continuously.

I mean I always do!

So, if you have used the mobile app your smart phone already, then you have already tried out the new design that is going to come out very soon for every user.

Wow, I really didn’t realize this since Facebook mentioning the new design.

I do enjoy how the mobile app from Facebook is developed and designed.

Facebook has said that their new design is going to be the same design as the mobile you are using, quote on quote.

Great  move on their part!

The Summary

Note: This is strictly my opinion and in no way know what is going on behind the development of the new design.

Since the design is not even out completely, many features and ideas are apt to change!

I hope my writing has inspired you about what steps you need to take on Facebook and have briefly explained some key features “I think” are going to benefit you greatly!

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