Improve Facebook Engagement Like A Pro With This Hidden Feature

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  • Bob says:

    nice work facebook, you improved all but one thing. That one thing so important how could you have missed it. Want to know what it is. Check out

  • Facebook is improving its relationship with fans and businesses but there is still a long way to go. Building a fan base is still difficult when friending will get you blocked for 30-60-90 days

  • Nate says:

    Thanks for introducing this to me. I will test it out!

    Some questions. When visitors come to our fan page, but they are outside of the location you selected, will they be able to see the post?

    Since the original post you send can’t ‘travel’ outside of that location, will friends of the fan who comment who don’t live there be able to see it?

    Last, can you tell whether or not this increased your overall page engagement scores, allowing your normal posts with out the gateway settings reach more people than usual?

    Thanks and sorry for all the questions!

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