How To Hide A Business Like Page From Your Facebook News Feed

Just Because We Like it… Doesn’t Always Mean We Want To Hear From It Daily!

As our social connections expand, it becomes more and more important to tightly keep control of how and when we receive communications from non-critical connections.

In the case of many “Like Pages” (Business & Community Pages) related to hobbies and interests of ours, often we are better utilizing a Facebook Interest List, to view the content on our own time, than allowing them in the main feed.

Adding a Like Page to a Facebook Interest List does not automatically “move” it there and remove it from the News Feed…

So, whether we just want to not see the page (without unliking it) or whether we want to move it to a FB Interest List… knowing how to easily remove the page from the main news feed is key!

Fortunately, Facebook makes it super easy to hide a page from your news feed… from one of two different areas.

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From the News Feed… this set of options is hidden under the name pop-up and the “Liked”drop-down!

From the Business Timeline itself, this option is located below the Timeline Image (Cover) in the “liked” drop-out.

Get rid of a Interest List or Need to follow a Like Page more closely? You can easily UnHide a Page as well

There are probably a lot of pages in your news feed that you really are not close too that this will help control the clutter they can make (particularly when using Interest Lists).

If you enjoyed this tip, let me know!

PS: Similarly, you can hide people (friends) from your news feed as well!

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