How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Page

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  • Great information, and a lot of it, Samuel–thanks. Getting likes is not easy when you’re trying to do so many other things for your business, but it is important. One important way to do that, as was mentioned, is keeping the content fresh and updated. Sharing other people’s content is also a great way to make new friends on Facebook, and as a result, get more likes. Thanks for the info.

  • Getting likes on Facebook as part of your organization’s social media campaign is difficult, although it is very achievable. To me, I believe that it’s all about content. If you share content that is relevant to your target audience then chances are you really are going to get likes.

  • Yea true! I like it, just think of an extended family of the business, they are the ones to reward and share stories with! empower (deals or info)/ educate/ entertain! Check out our website for more

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