How To: Customize Your Facebook Page Timeline with Custom App Icons

Did you know that with the new Facebook Timeline for Pages you can set the icon image that is used to identify your applications? This is a great way to give your Facebook Page that little bit more customization, and get your fans to engage with your apps.

How to Change Your Application Thumbnails

Follow these simple steps in order to change the icon for an application on your Facebook Page:

  1. Open the admin panel for your Facebook Page
    Facebook timeline admin panel
  2. Find the Manage menu drop down, and select ‘Edit Page’
    Edit Page in Facebook Admin Panel
  3. In the left menu select Apps
    Facebook Timeline Apps Menu
  4. Find the app that you want to change the icon for, and click ‘Edit Settings’ underneath the icon name and description.
    Edit Settings under app listing
  5. Click ‘Change’ next to the Custom Tab Image option
    Change the app image
  6. Facebook will take you to a new screen, here you need to click ‘Change’ again next to the app icon.
  7. Facebook will then take you through the process of uploading a new image.

Note that some app developers do not let you change their application’s icons, in which case you are stuck with what they gave you – sorry!

Creating Your Own Facebook Timeline App Icons

Of course, you might want to come up with your own custom thumbnails to really make your page unique. If you do, the dimensions for the thumbnail images are 111 pixels wide by 74 pixels tall. Good luck!

Get a Set of Free Facebook App Icons

Free Facebook Timeline App Icons

We have put together a set of 8 app icons for free download. Download your free Facebook app icons from our website.

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Comments: 15

  • Brandon says:

    Thanks! With the ability to change landing pads having been removed, it is nice to be able to draw some attention to custom web pages.

  • juanita says:

    This is just what I was looking for, however I don’t seem to have the CUSTOM TAB CHANGE options… ideas?

    • Duncan says:

      Hi Juanita,

      Unfortunately some application developers do not allow you to change the application image. Our applications allow you to add any custom images that you like.

  • laurie says:

    hello –

    I am working on customizing our FB page and want to change the icons for our tabs. You mentioned that your application allows someone to add any custom images we like – how do I get that application? Thank you ….

  • Hauna says:

    I have been trying to do this for an organization I work for it when I follow these exact step, the Edit Settings window is completely missing the Custom Tab Image link and the Custom Tab Name. All it has is the “Tab: Added: Remove”. Do you know how to fix this cause Facebook Help Center has been zero help.

    • Hi Hauna,

      Which application are you trying to change the icon for?

      Some Facebook developers do not allow you to customize their application icons. You are also not able to change the icons for the native Facebook applications (likes, events, etc..)

  • Robyn says:

    Hi, I have the same problem as Hauna. When I follow the same steps and click on “edit settings”, there is no “custom” tab. All there is is ‘profile’ and ‘additional permissions’. This is just on the standard facebook apps – video, events etc. I have seen other facebook pages with these same apps customized. Has facebook decided to remove the ability to customize with our own icons?

  • Robyn says:

    Sorry, I just read the former post more thoroughly and realised that you mentioned that you can’t change the icons for the native facebook applications. I had seen a facebook page that appeared to have customized icons for the native apps, but now I realise that they had just used ‘photos’ of their logo which showed up on the icon.

  • Kim says:

    I would LOVE to add some custom app icons to my facebook timeline PROFILE page. Is there a way to do this, or are all these cool features ONLY for Facebook business pages? There’s gotta be a way!

  • Jill says:

    Thanks for these instructions. But for some reason when I get to the edit settings, all I see is the Tab: Add (Remove) and nothing else. Why is that?

    Thank you!

  • Jonathan says:

    I personally use PageYourself to customize my Page, it’s really nice, all the more so as it links the tabs together to make it look like a real website! They call it the f-Site. Have a look if you like

  • jackie anthony says:

    The font on my facebook page is too small for me to read Have I done something to change it or is it in the fault of my server Please tell me how to get it back like it was

  • shuki says:

    can I change the friends icon where a big male and a little female are present. I want to put a new, more equal, gender wise, icon.

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