How the Latest Facebook Announcement Will Impact Your Social Media Strategy

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  • If it weren’t for the search relevance of Facebook, I’d drop it. Each update gets worse from a business perspective. Especially with all the fake likes and FB’s reluctance to share your posts with all of your followers.

  • I don’t agree with trying out promoted posts and Facebook ads! As a Facebook user, I hate it when I go through my news feed and all of a sudden I see this random post from a company that I have no interest pop amongst other updates. I find it spammy and deeply annoying and I am pretty sure that others do to! I find that a great way to gain more exposure on Facebook is by creating relevant high quality content that fans love and share and also competitions that asks fans to share your page for chances to win! Just my opinion!

  • Honestly, I lost count of all the number of changes Facebook did since I’ve signed up. I had my laugh after reading the line that Facebook is not Twitter.. I guess, those who tried to game Facebook will now have to look elsewhere (and that includes those who buy fans too).

  • I think that story bumping is going to be huge for Facebook marketers because it will really put some pressure on them to come up with some great content. If they do, they can be right on top of someone’s newsfeed. If you don’t, then you will have a hard time getting noticed if stories aren’t going to be organized chronologically anymore. They will all have to step up their game big time on Facebook once all of this rolls out if it hasn’t already.

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