How Social Media Networks Like Facebook Help People Find Your Business

It is in the best interest of every business to tap into social media networks as a source of online marketing. They are easy to use without blowing your marketing budget. Take for instance Facebook, which is free to join. It allows fan pages that allow users to like your business.

Once your fan page is up and Facebook users like it, then you can engage with your audience with information, photographs, videos, or even podcasts. You can link Facebook to your WordPress blog or Spreaker website so that your fans get an update each time you publish new content.

If your business has not yet moved on past traditional marketing methods, like print advertising, radio announcements, and television commercials, then you are missing out on a golden opportunity to cast your marketing net over an enormous number of potential consumers.

American business magnate and philanthropist Bill Gates once commented, “Know your numbers is a fundamental precept of business.” Speaking of numbers, do you know how many people use Facebook each day? At the end of 2012 it was more than one billion per month. (

Searching on the Go

A lot of searches that people perform on their smartphones are done through mobile apps instead of the web. That is because apps for sites like Facebook, FourSquare, and Yelp allow people to leave comments that review the place where they visited or business that they used.

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Stephanie Lichtenstein, founder and president of Micro Media Marketing, was a guest on Coffee Talk with James Martell. During the podcast she spoke on this very topic, and said she is a big fan of using mobile apps to search for things while on the go.

She gave this example: If I’m looking for a place to go cycling, it’s going to pick up my location because mobile is all about geo-targeting. Now they see that I’m in a specific area and looking for cycling, and they will tie in reviews and recommendations from friends.

If you have a local business page, you can tie in your address with that information not only to allow current customers to leave reviews and feedback, but also to help future customers find you when they are searching for the products or services that your business provides.

Tying Facebook in with Other Forms of Marketing

Almost every marketing platform allows the ability to tie in with your business’ Facebook fan page. With more consumers than ever using the internet, if you are not online then you are missing out on a plethora of potential new leads. Here are some ways you can tie Facebook in with other forms of marketing online.
GET A WEBSITE – When you create a website it is more than just your personal corner of the World Wide Web. A website allows you to provide relevant information. Because you control the content, it is the cornerstone of your online presence.

  • PROMOTE YOUR FAN PAGE – Is it worth it to pay the nominal fee and promote your Facebook fan page? That’s really up to the business behind the fan page, but sending people to your page, using content management to schedule status updates, and jumping in to engage your followers will promote without spending a dime.
  • SEO IS THE WAY TO GO – Search engine optimization (also called SEO) is using specific phrases within your content that help add credibility to your website. This combined with regularly scheduled, fresh content helps you ran higher in Google’s natural search results.
  • ADD MEDIA – You can upload videos about the products and services your business offers to YouTube which you can then link to Facebook. If you prefer to podcast, consider using Spreaker which shares your content with all social media networks you’ve synced with the site each time you publish something new.
  • SYNC EVERYTHING – When you sync your social media networks with your primary source of content, for example your WordPress site, then updating the primary source takes care of all other platforms including social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Visibility on the internet is directly proportional to business. If you don’t remind people about your business through regularly scheduled updates then it allows them to become distracted by other fan pages. But post too much and they could get turned off and unlike your page. Finding just the right balance is imperative.

When local businesses develop the best possible online marketing strategy, then they are able to reach consumers who use the internet to shop, or just research what they plan to buy before shopping.

Freelance writer Becky Muth lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains area of the United States with her husband and their two teenage sons, who are homeschooled. She loves that working from home gives her so much time to spend with her family, but when she craves the company of other females she meets friends at the local coffee shop or just watches chick flicks with her golden retriever, Gingerbelle.

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