How Much Is Facebook Really Worth? Facebook Advertising vs. Google Display Network [Infographic]

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  • Great article, I am advertising on Google, and being part of their engage program, I have lots of resources to share with my clients. I don’t have that yet with Facebook.

  • Good article. Another thing to consider is the difference in the meaning of a ‘click’ between the two companies. It is true that FB clicks are less expensive, but at least for the campaigns we’ve run recently many of the clicks seem to be almost entirely meaningless in terms of customer engagement/interest. That’s because there is a set of FB profiles that obsessively ‘like’ things, meaning they like dozens or hundreds of pages each day. It is hard to tell if they are real people or not, so I am calling them booklicants. In the end, at least for small advertisers, it doesn’t really matter if they are real or not, just that they are there and doing what they do. I wrote it up on my blog at There may be some reasonable explanation for this; I will update my posting when/if I hear back from FB.

  • This information bears out my own experiences having used both platforms. Except: my CPC is drastically lower than indicated, and my click-through is around .24% It would not be fiscally wise of me to return to FB advertising, because the ROI is better elsewhere.

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