Good News for Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange (FBX) allows marketers to reach more users of the social network through real-time bidding, cookie-based ads, and search retargeting. What this means for marketers is that they can now use search retargeting by working with an FBX Partner that will identify the target audience based on users’ recent searches; search retargeting allows keywords to be purchased at a much lower rate than on Adwords.

It sounds like it has potential, but does it work? According to Triggit, it does. Recently, some interesting data has come from a study conducted by Triggit suggesting that FBX “drove 36% more conversions than retargeting anywhere else.” So what does this mean for marketers?

First, it should be noted that Facebook is growing in its usefulness to companies.

Remember when GM backed out of Facebook ads last year? It looked like many others would follow suit, but now that Facebook has increased their advertising abilities, we may find companies putting more effort into the social networking giant.

Second, Adwords is being challenged.

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If Facebook’s search retargeting allows keywords to be cheaper than Adwords— and if FBX continues to prove useful—Google may have trouble keeping customers. Marketers ought to look into FBX before increasing their Adwords campaign budget.

Third, marketing via social media channels continues to increase in relevancy.

Fortunately, many marketing companies such as Mixed Digital have known this for years, and are experienced in marketing through these platforms. The FBX results serve to further solidify this marketing notion.

The future of FBX is unknown, but as Triggit has shown, it seems bright. Maybe now, even Mark Cuban will put more stock in Facebook’s advertising capabilities.

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