Getting “Liked” Was Tough Enough, Getting Notified… Is a Whole New Ballgame

Facebook has recently released another great feature for businesses and institutions alike… Get Notifications. So, what exactly is this and how does it affect me?

Well, as if getting people to “Like” your page wasn’t hard enough, now owners of Facebook Pages have the added task of getting people to click on the Get Notifications option after they “Like” your page. Which means, they have to come back to your page to do so, which is a daunting task in itself.

However, this new feature is a game changer for many marketers and businesses. Now, you are able to market on Facebook in a completely different manner. With Pages Notifications, your fans will now get all of your information, and never miss an update by your company or business, as they may have before with the timing of posts and the chances they see it on their News Feed. Once that major announcement by your company is made on Facebook, fans will instantly be notified on their mobile devices, as well as, their computers.

Personally, I think this is an amazing tool that Facebook has provided. But, there is a reason behind it. Facebook recently announced another new feature called Pages Feed. Users will be able to click on this “secondary” option to see information from Pages they have “Liked”. This is definitely going to affect the way many market themselves on Facebook, as I have a feeling that Pages are going to have less of a presence on News Feeds.

Promoted Posts are going to have a bigger role than  before in News Feeds, and, if you are on a strict budget; it is even more important than ever to get your fans to get your notifications.

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Don’t let this change scare you, it is an amazing tool provided by Facebook.

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