Forget the Shiny New Tool and Refocus on Facebook

With new social media fads occurring with more frequency than ever before, it’s tempting to abandon old standbys in favor of the shiny new toy. While it’s good to have a variety of social media accounts, too many can end up being a burden rather than a boon. And when it comes to marketing, sometimes the tried-and-true ways are the best. Facebook remains the best place to build your online presence.

Look at the Numbers

It’s the sheer number of users that makes Facebook so valuable. One billion people use Facebook every month, and nearly 600 million log on every day. No other social media has such a widespread adoption and use. In fact, Facebook’s influence is so ingrained that on average, people still spend more time on Facebook than the next closest platforms combined.

Facebook has also evolved to cater to brands, giving them the ability to create custom tabs to convert and engage with consumers within the platform. Facebook’s advertising program and its record of converting fans into paying customers just hasn’t been matched by other social media tools.

New Fads in a Changing Marketplace

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The struggling Google+ is far behind Facebook in terms of users and influence. But Google has something going for it that Facebook doesn’t. While Facebook tends to upset users with frequent platform changes that don’t always make it more efficient, Google is wonderful at listening to the needs of their users. This responsiveness will lead to Google+ eventually becoming a great place for businesses to connect with customers, but there is still a long way to go in terms of adoption.

For some businesses, Pinterest is a valuable tool, particularly for those who specialize in crafts, home décor, fashion, or food. Its unique visitors have grown 1,047 percent since 2011, and while its rapid growth may mean an equally quick decline, right now Pinterest seems to be full of opportunities and possibilities for brands. It provides a place where users expect to run into something cool that they can share with friends. If you can turn your product into something visual and desirable that can be made into a trendy little “pin,” Pinterest could be a vital opportunity.

There’s also Tumblr,, and a host of other social media platforms that pop up every month. While these might be exciting, Facebook is still the one platform that has managed to bring together people of all ages to share, “Like,” and interact with their friends, family, and brands.

A Quick 101

For many people just getting into social media marketing, the temptation to share everything and anything can be overwhelming. After all, if your best friend from college thinks taking pictures of every single thing he sees and making status updates about every single thought that crosses his mind is how social media is done, well, what’s to stop you from doing the same? Here are a few tips to keep your fan page from becoming an annoyance:

  1. Stay relevant. Don’t go around sharing pictures of your lunch or Internet nonsense. Keep focused and only share things that will help your brand.
  2. Meet your audience’s needs. It’s easy to forget that there are people behind those “likes.” Don’t get caught up in what you think your audience wants. Ask them what they want to see, and be sure to deliver.
  3. Have fun with it! Inject your personality into your business page where appropriate, and enjoy the social aspect. Fans want to be inspired to engage with your content.

Facebook isn’t going anywhere, and thinking it’s just a fad or that it’s fading can seriously harm your business. It’s a good idea to keep testing out ideas on other social platforms, but keeping a strong foothold on Facebook is the best way to keep your social presence alive.

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