Facebook’s FBML App for Fan Pages to End on June 6, 2012

Facebook removes all FBML tabs June 6 - TabSite is alternative

Facebook removes all FBML tabs June 6, 2012

If you are still using Facebook’s old FBML tabs for your Facebook Business Page, now is the time to make the change!  The final official end date when all FBML tabs will cease to work and will be removed from Facebook by Facebook is set for June 6, 2012.

In September 2011, Facebook announced the end of FBML with a tiered “retirement” plan.  Users have not been able to add FBML apps since last year and Facebook stopped support and bug fix monitoring for FBML on January 1, 2012.  Now the last phase, removal, is slated for June 6, 2012.   Those still using FBML apps on their Facebook Fan Pages should find a replacement that is a i-frame app solution.  One example is a tool like TabSiteBelow is a current status posting in the Facebook Developer area regarding the end of FBML.


The time has come for those last holdouts still using a FBML tab on their Facebook Page to fully transition to iFrame tabs and depart from FBML coding completely.

Fan Page Admins can create i-Frame apps from scratch if desired.  This does require some basic knowledge of coding, or Facebook Page Admins can use a third party i-frame platform that solution where coding knowledge is not needed.

If Page Admins have tabs on their Facebook business Page with the logo icon shown below,   this indicates an FBML app, and Admins will want to make a change! 

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History and Information for Fan Page Admins on FBML

3 Summary Points:

1. What is FBML and who should care?

The answer is that Page Admins do not need to care unless they were using FBML on their Facebook Fan Pages.


FBML is Facebook’s original framework for serving custom content on fan page tabs. This content is served by Facebook, which, in short, means the user’s browser never hits the app developer’s server directly.  Instead, Facebook requests the content from the app developer’s server, parses and filters it, and sends it to the browser for display.  The result was content served by Facebook on custom tabs.

Facebook’s Static FBML App
Facebook’s Static FBML app was an application provided by Facebook and installed millions of times that enabled the creation of FBML based Facebook page tabs. To use the application, page admins simply added the app to their page, and then customized the content by coding using FBML code language.

Again, FBML tabs will NO LONGER WORK on Facebook Pages beginning June 1, 2012.

 2. What is Facebook’s preferred method for adding custom tabs to Fan Pages?

iFrame Apps 
iFrame Apps are Facebook’s accepted framework for serving content on fan page tabs. Content is served directly by the developer’s server, rather than being proxied by Facebook’s servers. Because the page is hosted externally of Facebook, it can render HTML, CSS and even Javascript just like any external website does, which was not the same with FBML.

iFrame Apps were launched in March of 2011 and are the standard set by Facebook for Page tabs.

 3. What should non-coders do for creating custom Facebook Page tabs?

There are currently a number of leading Facebook Page Tab Builder platforms that allow Page Admins to build sophisticated tabs without knowing coding.  As noted, TabSite.com is one example.

Many of these 3rd party platforms offer robust capabilities including ability for non-coders to do the following:

  • Add Videos to custom tabs
  • Run Contests and Sweepstakes on Fan Pages
  • Add/Edit Content easily on Tabs
  • Create Photo SlideShows
  • Add Facebook Social Plugins such as Comments, Like button, Send, etc.
  • Embed E-mail Sign-up forms
  • Add your Blog and Twitter feeds
  • Create a fan-gating mechanism with our Like-Gate tool
  • iFrame in your website

and much more!

Again, June 1, 2012, FBML ceases to work and FBML tabs will be removed by Facebook. 

Take time to evaluate your current Facebook Page today!

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Comments: 8

  • Vanessa Lewis says:

    Hi! I currently use High Impact Designer for my tabs. Can you tell me if they are FBML? (worried!)

  • Hi Vanessa. I am not really familiar with High Impact. The vast majority of 3rd party platforms are not using FBML for their tab tools so it is unlikely they are. I would suggest you contact their support.

  • I would add that FBML tabs are mostly still on pages where the user was a do-it-yourselfer and was not using a 3rd party platform tool. 3rd Party platforms like TabSite that make it easy to build tabs all changed to iframe based tab apps about a year ago. The FBML end impacts those that just never got around to switching when Facebook changed to i-frame tab apps.

  • Rich says:

    Hi Mike, you say June 6 in your headline, but then June 1st through the rest of your article. Confused.

    • Hi Rich! Aim for June 1 for all your changeover and then you are sure to be covered comletely. I’ve seen both dates in Facebook information so as long as you aim for June 1 you are all good!

    • Meant “completely”

      Hi Rich! Aim for June 1 for all your changeover and then you are sure to be covered comletely. I’ve seen both dates in Facebook information so as long as you aim for June 1 you are all good!

  • juli says:

    Hi MIke,
    Today I install FBML o my fan page ExpoCritica, and it doesn’t work. Now I’m reading your post and I don’t know how to uninstall it.
    And at the same time I need a add to put the google analytics code…
    Please help me!

    • Mike Gingerich says:

      Hi. yes, Facebook doesn’t allow FBML apps on Pages. Go to the tabs on Facebook, click the arrow on the right below the cover image to “view all” and in the 111×74 image of your tab you can hover in the top right of it and get a drop down menu to “delete” from the page.

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