Facebook Tagging – How it Works for Timelines and Pages

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  • maybe I missed it somewhere, but whenever my page is tagged in a (public) post by another page, that post doesn’t appear in the “recent posts by others” section or anywhere else on my page (I also checked the activity log/spam) – do you have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks!

  • Debra – I have a very similar problem as Eva! When I tag another business page (from my business page), my post does not appear in their Recent Posts by Others EVEN THOUGH many other businesses’ posts appear in that section. I did a test and determined that if I post directly to that business wall, the post will eventually move over to the REcent Posts by Others section, however a tag from my page does not post it to their Recent Posts section. Further, I explored other posts made by different businesses where tags are made. Those posts appeared on the tagged businesses’ Recent Posts by Others. Why aren’t my posts showing there?? Any ideas? Any places to point me for help? Thank you.

  • Hi all – yes, posts by others (both tagging and regular posts) seem to be invisible at times. There may be a couple of different issues here.

    If the post shows in your notifications, click on it and note the little drop down arrow in the top right corner. Click on that and make sure the post isn’t marked as spam.

    Another useful feature which I just found is you can make fan posts visible on your page interspersed with the page’s posts by clicking on the little x in the top right corner of the post (even though it says remove – don’t worry) and select “allowed on page”. This makes the post appear on the timeline along with the page posts.

    Hope either of these solve your problems!

    • the images that my friends tag me are not visible on my timeline. They are only seen in the photoline. Please advise what to do.

  • Hi, Previously when I have done “shout outs” ie tagged other pages in my status from my business page, those pages received a notificatio… enabling them to respond… this appears to no longer be happening? and vice versa I know some pages who have tagged my page and I didn’t receive a notification about it… very frustrating and not very friendly, if you don’t know you’ved been tagged via a notification you can’t respond and appear rude! Do you know why this seems to have changed recently and if there is anything we can do to change? Would love some help with this :) Thanks

  • Happy Monday! How does a person’s privacy settings affect tags posting on a page? For example, if a person posts a photo to their wall and tags my page in the post, will I always get notified, even if their posts is for friends only?

  • Tagging other pages has stopped working for us completely. Our tags used to appear in other Timelines or the ‘Recent Posts by Others’ block on the referred page whenever we tagged another page, but we started having trouble in mid-May with our most frequently tagged page sporadically not showing tagged posts. Since then it has gotten progressively worse and our tags seemed to have stopped working completely on any page that we reference. The progressive nature of the problems development makes me think this is a bug, but I am also starting to think we have been blacklisted somehow.

    Our company doesn’t send out spammy messages at all and we pride ourselves in providing our user base with useful relevant information that improves their lives.

    We work closely with other local organizations, and I have brought this issue to their attention. All of them have told me they have not done anything to stop our posts appearing. Many have expressed their dismay because our posts are designed to inform our audience as well as theirs and we were saving them work.

    I have tried to find the answer on Facebook, but their support section is like a black hole – they won’t respond to feedback, and it’s impossible to find any relevant information regarding this problem.

    I’m still tagging other pages and the software seems to have no problem recognizing the tags, it’s just no longer reciprocal, and the other pages are not being informed of our activity.

    I hope someone at FaceBook is paying attention. If they are on the road to deprecating the tagging functionality for pages, it would be a FaceBook killer in my book.

  • im having the exact same problem all tagging via the @ button seemed to stop working some time in May! Any help on this would be really appreciated!

  • Hi I am having this exact same problem with my page posts with tags not appearing in that pages ‘recent posts by others’ OR even in that pages notifications??!!! Yet I see other pages still doing it successfully every day!!!! There must be a setting somewhere!!??? Please help!

  • Thanks for the conversation here, letting us know we aren’t the only ones who noticed this problem! The business page tagging was working well for us up until about a month ago. All of a sudden it’s not working — which is a big bummer. Hopefully Facebook will allow it to work again soon!!

  • To all who have asked a question about why their Facebook page tagging isn’t working, I haven’t been ignoring you! I’m looking into why. I have found a couple of interesting tips:

    1. If you haven’t claimed a username for your page, tagging is disabled
    2. If you selected the Facebook option to disallow others’ posts — but not others’ comments — on your page, it is possible that Facebook assumed you were spam and placed your post in the business’s Hidden Posts section.

    This means even if you have selected the option on the “Manage Permissions” page as everyone can post, make sure the visibility for posts by others is set to visible.

    For those who said their tags of other pages are not showing up, it is possible that the page turned off visibility.

    If anyone else can shed light onto why Facebook page tagging works or doesn’t please post it here. I’d sure like a bit of clarity as to why what I wrote in this post may not be working for some :)

  • Hi Debra, thank you for this helpful post. I was hoping you could help ~ when a person or page tags my Facebook business page, I do not get a notification of this. I know this as I have come across comments where people tag me by chance, but I cannot find where I can see who else may have tagged my page. Do I have to change a certain setting? Any help would be much appreciated.

    • I just played with tagging on my page. Here is what I discovered:

      As the admin (i.e. using Facebook as me) I could tag an image in my pages photos with any of my friends. I also tagged the photo as my page.

      When you go into your photos area, at the top, there are tabs – mine say Photos of Masterful Marketing, Photos, Albums. I found all the photos where Masterful Marketing was tagged in that tab. Subtle but it is there.

  • HI Debra, frustrated. I can’t share photos or albums from my page to my personal timeline. Actually it doesn’t give me the drop down to share it with anyone! It only allows me to share it on my same page, that is weird. And I can’t tag myself either from my page. My name doesn’t come up. Any ideas? Many thanks for your help

    • Click on the photo you want to share on your timeline, hover over it and at the bottom are options to tag, share and do other things. Click on that and share it on your timeline.

      As I mentioned in the above comment, I was able to tag myself and it showed up on my timeline when I was using Facebook as me. When I switched to my Page, I too, could not tag myself although all my friends and other pages, even ones I haven’t liked from the page, came up.

  • Hi Debra, I’m having the same issue as Kim (above). I have a personal FB page. I created a “Fan Page.” I have 100 “likes” and people can post comments on my page. The problem is that when other tag my fan page in a post or picture, I’m not getting a notification of it nor does it appear on the Fan Page wall. I’ve read the above posts and all my settings on my Admin Panel are checked. Any other ideas? Thanks!

    • Hi Maria,

      yes, in the tests I’ve just done, it appears the only way you can see where you have been tagged is to look in the photo area of your page. It’s also the same for your personal timeline – photos of you are where you have been tagged.

    • What about tags not related to photos? When someone tags us in a text only post (using the @) these don’t seem to show up anywhere on our fan page and I receive no notification about them. I just happen to see them in my news feed by chance when using my personal page. But the tagged message never shows up in the fan page I manage. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Hi,

    We manage a Facebook page for our clients. Another page recently posted a photo album where our client would have been relevant, however, they cannot seem to tag them.

    I have tried to tag their photos personally – from the page we manage, from my personal profile and even from an admin (personal) profile, but I cannot seem to tag our client’s page (or any other page) in their photos.

    I can tag our clients from my personal profile or the admin (personal) profile, but it is inconsistent.

    Do you know why?


    • Hi Chin,

      Make sure the page that posted the photo album has claimed a user name for the page, otherwise tagging is not available until they do.

      If they have claimed a username for their page, they should be able to tag your client’s page even if they have not liked the page as that is a standard feature.

      If they were trying to tag via the mobile application, see the link to the article below on the updates to Facebook Mobile app – they added tagging back into the app.

      If none of these work, not sure what else it could be at this point.

      Let me know.

  • Hi I hope you can help me! For the last 3 weeks I can’t tag myself on a friends/page/group photo on the “mobile side” anymore! As soon as I enter tag, facebook reply on the side:”Insufficient permissions. You do not have permission to perform this action.”

  • Hi,

    I am tagged in many of my friends’ posts (status updates etc). The problem is, I don’t see any of them on my timeline. At all. Do you know how this can be fixed? Thank you!

  • I’ve looked all over and tried adjusting every setting but when I post as my Fan Page my tags using (@) do not show up on the tagged pages Recent Posts by Others. And when my Fan Page is tagged using the same method (@) it also does not show up in my Recent Posts by Others block. The only way to get a post in there is for someone to post directly on my Fan Page wall or for me to post on their wall. Please help, this is frustrating.

    • Hi Preston,

      I found this paragraph in the Facebook Developers under technical guides: How to Mention Tag at this link:


      Tagging Pages

      The same way you mention users, you can mention Facebook Pages by inserting @[pageID] or @[pageUrl] in the user message. The only effect is that the string will be replaced by a hyperlink with the name of the page. The story will not appear on the page’s Timeline and no notification will be sent as result of tagging a page.

      Since I found a tag for my page under posts by others back in February, I suspect this was something that was removed after the timeline was introduced for pages.

      We’ve all been confused by this but it appears that removing notifications was for the benefit of big brands who get many more mentions than small businesses would. One or two notifications wouldn’t bother me but thousands of notifications would be cumbersome to manage.

      Hope this helps.

  • i have the same problem with chin. i cant tag my clients on my fan page (business page). but i can tag them in my personal pforile.
    i already did the username but still cant tag my clients. do you know how this can be fixed? thanks you. !

  • Hi Fiwqa,

    The username is required for your page to be tagged by people.

    If you are trying to tag your clients (your friends) on the page using Facebook as your page, it won’t work. Pages can only tag other pages. If you switch to using your page as you, you can tag your friends in a post or picture.

  • I had someone post 2 pictures on my Page wall. However, no one else can see them but me (the admin). When I’m using FB as my personal page, I can see the posts in the “Recent Posts by Others” and even “Allowed them on Page” but when I change to using FB as my Page profile, I can’t see either post/pic. Any idea how to resolve this?

  • Debra…

    My problem is that when people who have “liked” my Page post a picture, when I am using FB as my “Page”, I cannot see the photo in the Activity Log or on the timeline.

    When I switch over to using FB as “myself”, They appear in both locations.

    I have tried to change the permissions back and forth to show as “hidden” and “visible”, but nothing seems to work. Even when I tag the pictures with to my Page, my “photos of you” shows that I have 5 pictures in the folder, but only two are visible.

    I’m so baffled….

  • I had some great responses to a post about my business by people in a particular group. How can I make the initial comments and subsequent responses show up on my business page? I hit share under the initial comment by only the initial comment shows up on my page, not the responses. Help! :) Thanks!

  • I have the same problem as many others, I have photos on my personal page that I have tagged my business page in but they do now show on my business timeline or in my photos section, I’ve checked all boxes that allow permissions etc Has anyone managed to solve this problem?
    Many Thanks

  • I was hoping to use @ tagging to drive traffic to my Facebook fan page. I mean to write a post on my wall of my Fan Page and tag another organization’s Fan page with the hopes that it would post to their wall at least in the “recent posts by other users section”. It does not show. Now when I go to another fan page using my personal profile and write on their wall it does show in the “recent posts….other users….” section, but not when I type something on the wall using facebook as my business. I want to have this occur as well as be able to post on another fan page’s wall using tagging when I type a post on my fan page wall. What is going on? I have seen others be able to do thisoMA

  • I am having the same problem as everyone: when my page tags another page in a post/status update, this doesn’t show up in the tagged page’s “Recent posts by others”. I thought it was due to the Taggin Pages explanation you found in Facebook developers, but this is happening to my pages concurrently with other pages being able to tag the very same page I am trying to tag, and succesfully appearing in the “recents posts by others”. Is there no explanation and no solution to this and some pages are just “bugged” then? I just tried to create a new facebook user to create a new page and see if the problem applied still, and it did. I don’t know what to do anymore :(

  • Same as above: when my page tags another page in a post/status update, this doesn’t show up in the tagged page’s “Recent posts by others”… and I have seen others being able to do it! Has someone solved it?

  • when I tag myself in a group photo it seems to be working, when I don done tagging I don’t see my name on it and it doesn’t appear on my timeline either. I can tag others but not me !

  • Debra, Please tell me, what if I mention few famous celebrities and famous sports players in my comments… Is there any chance that those page admins can take any action, legal or any kind about my mentioning them in my posts on my FB wall. Generally I post only good stories on my wall mentioning related celebrities in that posts. And please tell me is it right, should i do keep doing that.

  • If I have a non-friend tagged in photos and then block them for a while but them unblock them later. Do the tags stay in place or will continue to work?

  • Debra, Some FB pages have a tab to “Tag” mine on Frank Dillman Sr. does not. How can I add the “tag” tab? Thanks.

  • I blocked someone, but when I unblocked them they were unable to tag me in things anymore my name wouldnt pop up for them to click on it and tag me how do I fix this? I did add them as a friend again, so why wont it let them tag me

  • Hi Debra! I need your advice. How do I tag individuals in posts on my FB page?
    In my case, I run a student organization in my school and we have a FB page. I would like to tag my schoolmates in some of my page posts. How do i do that?

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