Facebook Statistics: Are You Doing It Right?

Facebook Statistics Facebook Statistics: Are You Doing It Right?

Facebook Statistics to your marketing success

We all know that Facebook is one of the biggest social media sites that there is to date, but do we know how big? Over one billion people use Facebook today, isn’t that crazy? It’s not just people searching the web and looking at their pictures on Facebook, but Facebook is also used for companies as well. Knowing your Facebook statistics can be critical to getting to know your customers. Another big question from many people is does Facebook actually help businesses grow and if it has helped them, how so and what Facebook statistics can help measure growth?

Before there was LinkedIn, there was Facebook, so businesses knew just what to do to network, but how did Facebook help them so well? Through building your businesses’ pages on Facebook! This allows you to track your company’s Facebook statistics. Lahle Wolfe, who wrote an article on “How Many People Use Facebook?” explained that currently in 2013

there are over one million active advertisers and there are over two billion connections between businesses.

Through those conversations and Facebook statistics, 645 millions views on company websites and 13 million comments, just on businesses alone. With all of that being said approximately 70% of active users in the United States are connected to businesses. What are these“Facebook Statistics” and how do the statistics help your business grow?

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How to grow your business through Facebook

Just like Facebook started out, small, in Zuckerberg’s dorm room, businesses tend to start out small as well. Then your company builds through time, by networking and branding your company’s name. Through Facebook, and using your Facebook statistics, you can network, and through networking your company then becomes even bigger than you ever thought it would. If there is no content on your page, you won’t get people to look at your business. Meaning, get your page up to par! The more content and “value” you add, the more your business will grow. Networking, as we all know, builds friends and builds relationships, this is how companies do so well. That is how Facebook statistics will help you out in the long run. While adding value it is important to give readers or “friends” something more than just knowledge about your company from your page a closer look at your Facebook statistics can give you age, demographics, likes and interactions with specific content. Give them something that they can take out of the work place, home with them. That way, they will remember your company.

When you have a strong presence and strong page, this will engage more people to like your page and it will also enable you to gather more long term Facebook statistics trends. It starts with the initial page on Facebook, and it ends with how well you influenced your friends and clients to take notice of your page and your company. When making a page on Facebook, it never actually comes to our minds justt how many “facebookers” there really are, and who are active today. With all of the people that are active on Facebook, businesses really do have an opportunity to branch out from the people who view or like their pages. Facebook statistics always vary and your page will as well. That is why reaching out to readers, friends and followers on Facebook is very important and crucial for your company.There are 1.15 billion users on Facebook, but only 500 million are actually active users, only huh?

What Facebook Statistics to measure

There is so much activity going on throughout Facebook daily and one of the biggest activities are clicking through advertisements. We tend to get fed up with ads popping up on our phones and computers when we are searching the web, but businesses are paying for their ad to interrupt our web browsing, just how much you ask? The higher “click through rate” you have, the more people you have looking at your website. Social media will continue to play a huge role in advertising brands, because so much attention is all over social media. Cooper Smith, writer for Business Insider said that Facebook ad performance by the industry is at an all time high. For example, telecommunications is at a 0.92% ad rate, entertainment is at a 0.44%, sports is at a 0.29% and so forth. The more you have advertising, the more people will go to your page and will be interested in what you have to offer to them. Telecommunications is at an all-time high now because everything is on the Internet, and that is what most people look at for news, entertainment and so forth. This is where your Facebook statistics come into play the most, because a lot of people are always searching the web for different companies, so by having a strong Facebook page for your company it will benefit you and will help you grow more within your business.

Facebook Active Users Facebook Statistics: Are You Doing It Right?

We invest so much money into our company and now also have to pay close attention to budgets for ads on Facebook. By doing so, your Facebook statistics will grow leading to increase revenue through higher engagement and conversion. If you want your company to be heard, you must spend the big bucks. Facebook is where you need to be if your company isn’t as big as you want it to be yet. A lot of companies spend their time on traditional advertising because it’s the only method they know how to use to get their name and brand out to others, so if your not using Facebook statistics, your companies brand recognition will be low. Learn how to advertise better and your company will be on it’s way. Business Insider “forecasted” that in 2017, there will be a total of $11 billion spent on ads on Facebook alone; last year, $4.7 billion was spent on ads, you do the math.

The best your company can do on Facebook

The number one, most important thing that you and your company should always remember is that your Facebook page is for your clients and customers only. Building followers is good for your business. Therefore, engage with them, see how they like the page and get them involved as much as you can. That’s the biggest mistake a lot of businesses tend to make is that there is no effort with their clients through social media, when this should be your number one priority. Posting updates, whether its pictures or status’, it’s important to be up to date and active with your site therefore, other businesses and/or clients know that you are constantly tuned into their feedback and using Facebook. Pictures are worth a thousand words, yes very cliché, I know. But, posting photos on your page frequently can potentially get you and your company buzzing and also, could get your company more fans. I’m sure we’ve all seen likes on Facebook and we thought to ourselves, how in the world did that person get over 10,000 likes? Promoting your page, advertising, contents, creating value, website integration and tracking your Facebook statistics is how you will grow your likes.

As simple as this might sound, when being involved with your family and friends on Facebook, this tends to be easier for some businesses. A lot of businesses were able to build on this using simple referrals. By existing clients help your company out through word of mouth marketing, this enables you to gain more trust from your clients than anything else. If your closest clients don’t want to look at your Facebook updates or even be involved, why would anyone else want too?

There are so many posts that can spread like wildfire on Facebook, helping you to get more likes. One of the most viral posts ever seen on Facebook was a picture of Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. It is a picture of Obama hugging his wife, you can’t see her face and Obama’s eyes are closed, but the emotion that is involved in the picture, is what got it over two billion likes on Facebook. This post is said to be the “most liked Facebook photo of all time.”

facebook Facebook Statistics: Are You Doing It Right?

Facebook campaign examples

You might be racking your brain thinking, how do I come up with good campaigns that’ll put my name out there, helping to grow my Facebook statistics or what makes a good campaign and how can we do one for our company? This all depends on how you want to market your company. A campaign that gained traction on Facebook was one that Kohl’s Department Store did in 2012. Kohl’s gave out $10 million to various schools, and the way those schools were chosen was how many votes from each school were on their Facebook page. Through this campaign, 20 schools were picked and each school received $500 thousand. You can guess where this campaign took Kohl’s from there; their page flew off the charts and now has well over a million fans. This shows different business how important it is to use social media tactics (Facebook statistics) and being involved with your page and the people who follow it because something as little as giving something out for free, can have a significant impacts on likes to your page.

Corona Light did a campaign that utilized “word of mouth” marketing, which is a very important tactic to utilize. They launched a campaign last year and the goal was to be “The Most Liked Light Beer In America” and by fanning the page, Corona promised that whoever did the most “fanning”, they could see their picture in the “bright lights” in New York City, in Times Square. This went very well for Corona because it got their page buzzing with new fans and also, by fans explaining the promotion to other friends on Facebook, it was able to help Corona gain more fans by spreading their campaign by mouth.

I know that in our everyday lifestyle and when web browsing; We like being asked for feedback from either a company or brand. Same goes for people on Facebook. If you have readers and followers comment on your site and liking what you have to offer them, ask them what else they want and/or what else can your company do for them because this is a great way to use your Facebook statistic and get more followers to your page. This will almost 100% guarantee that you will have more comments and who knows, maybe even followers to your page, which is exactly what you want!

Facebook takeaways

It’s hard to know what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong when it comes to building a business and especially trying to build clients and friends on a massive social media website like Facebook. The more interactive you are, the more people will recognize you. For example, one of the most important things you should always remember is that posting a picture on your wall will always get you a better response rate than just a regular post. Photos give your page at least a 40% more interaction rate than a regular post. This is what seems to boost a lot of business’ Facebook statistics because it shows interaction with your followers on Facebook. When posting, also remember to yes, keep it short and sweet, but not too short where the reader doesn’t get any information out of it and don’t fluff it up, meaning no useless nonsense in the post. You will loose followers quickly by fluffing up your post. Readers want to get something out of your post; they don’t want to waste time.

Take the time to build that page, making sure you have enough value and oomph on it to then go to the next level by sending paid traffic to your Facebook page or promoted posts, this will help you connect with people. Incorporate paid advertising, pictures, events and anything else that you and your company can think of to pull your page together, do it. Follow through with your postings to see if your friends, fans and clients are engaged with what’s going on within your page. That way, when people see that you are involved with your page so much that your company comments back on things, it shows your fans that you are very personable and responsive, which boosts your Facebook statistics. Being liked is a good thing, because that’s when people say good things about you, which helps get your company’s name out there. If you and your company follow these simple easy steps, you never know you could be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

facebook icon Facebook Statistics: Are You Doing It Right?

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