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  • I had been fairly happy with the reach I had been getting (I post an online cartoon). My “organic” stats had been pretty stable and consistent, but my viral, as it related to my overall stats always was a mystery to me (they probably will remain so.) As an aggregate of likes, stories, shares, etc., it can be overwhelming and so I just contented myself with the overall numbers and viral’s share of that.

    Prior to Feb 25 I’d average on a single panel of the cartoon 100-150 ‘shares’ and the ‘number of people who saw this post’ averaging about 1000-2500. But today, compared to previous postings I’ve gone from 1,200 people to saw this post to over 22,000 people saw this post.

    Is this possible? That’s a heck of a jump. The viral numbers at best are an estimation of how many friends of friends of friends might have potentially seen the post. I do not believe that can be accurate. But, if you’re reading this Facebook, please don’t pare back on my numbers as I’ve got a warm fuzzy feeling about the success of my strip that I’d like to hold on to at least until I wake up.

    • Hi Roger,

      I think it is highly possible because of the amount of shares. If it’s Public shares, many people seeing your post through the shares by others contributes to the people saw this post final numbers, I believe. Either way, Great work Roger! I have to find a way for people to actually start sharing my post.. Any ideas?

  • Hi,
    I now see the differences! It has been bad for a long time.

    Question.. How can I get the metrics corrected? My metric for, People Talking About This, has been wrong for a long time as well. I know there is a 48 hour lag, but the 7 day total is never close. Seems to be stuck in the 3o’s, even if it’s really normally 3 to 4 times that number.

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