Facebook Prompts: A Potentially Good Idea that Businesses Should Model

On Halloween, Facebook stepped out of itself and actually got a little social. Go figure.

Normally when you log in to Facebook you are greeted with the typical status update prompt:

“What’s on your mind?”

Well, you and I both know that sometimes there is absolutely nothing on our minds. It happens. We log in to look, and we have absolutely nothing to say. So, sometimes we say nothing, or sometimes we say something that is nothing. We’ve all been there.

But for Halloween, Facebook switched it up a bit and changed their status prompt to something a bit more seasonal:

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Facebook Halloween prompt

Other prompts on Halloween included:

“What’s your favorite Halloween candy?”


“What’s your favorite Halloween memory?”

I have no clue how many people responded to these prompts, or even saw them in the first place, but I really like this idea. I hope Facebook continues this throughout the year as a way to spur on engagement and conversation. It could become Facebook’s own version of the Google Doodles that we all look for, and talk about.

I also would love to see something like this rolled out for business pages, though…I’d like to think that businesses have plenty they can talk about on their own. But perhaps a daily prompt other than

“Write something…”

might help us all get a little creative.

Seasonal prompts, like the ones for personal profiles on Halloween would be great for businesses to teach them not to just write about themselves, but to talk about the stuff of life. Like this weekend, it would have been nice for businesses to be reminded to remind their customers about the changing of the clocks.

Useful information.

And, since Facebook’s business pages are set up by different types of business categories, the prompts could be specific to those categories from time to time, perhaps reminding a restaurant to post a picture of their food, or a doctor to post a quick health tip.

Or perhaps a prompt asking us to talk about one of our employees, or to share a customer story. Maybe one asking us to promote another local business or nonprofit.

Prompts like that can actually help businesses get the proper social media mindset, thus transforming them in positive ways.

Yes, businesses have plenty to talk about, but sometimes they need to be reminded of all the different things they have to offer, even those things that are more about the customer and life in general than the actual day to day business stuff.

And there could even be prompts urging us to post pictures or videos. This is actually the kind of thing a service like Jugnoome provides as part of their CRM solution, and Facebook would do well to take notice.

So, Facebook, how about it? We spend a lot of time complaining about Edgerank, percentages, changes to the user interface, and what not. How about a change/addition that actually helps businesses use your platform, and grow at the same time?

And more importantly, small businesses and nonprofits should already be thinking along these lines without such prompts. Mix it up and create a diverse pool of business updates for yourself.

What sort of status update prompts would you like to see for your business? Do you think this is a good idea?

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