Facebook Profile Or Fan Page — Which Should I Use For My Business?

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  • Great article on profile vs. page :)

    On most parts I agree, but there’s one thing you’re not mentioning and that is EdgeRank.
    I’m just starting out with putting my images online and FB os giving you a (very) hard time, getting anywhere. My friends seem do not seem be able to communicate properly with me as some of them don’t get to see what I’ve put up there. My page is simply not interesting enough for FB right now, because there not enough ‘likes’. Sure, I can promote by paying FB to get more leverage, but even then reach is minimum. So I’d rather stick with my profile and have real contact with my followers. I’m not selling anything on FB, I’m just trying to get more people to like my images. Hopefully, they one day will buy my images, but that’s what I have a website for ;)

    Like to hear your thoughts on EdgeRank!


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