Facebook Page Changes – 3 Things You Need to Address Now!

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  • Avi Kaye says:

    I think that the new app tabs are actually fantastic! I work with MyWebees, which is a Facebook app that imports your entire website into your Facebook page. So with the new apps, you basically have your website in your Facebook navigation bar AND you can customise the image! What can be better than that?

    Try out MyWebees at http://bit.ly/mywebees_app

    • Hunny says:

      Had a look but it seems to be that your FB page becomes covered with Bees – in the form of links to MyWebees :(

  • The best collection of Facebook Covers are here:  http://coverphotobook.com/

  • Jeff says:

    You wrote “you can also rearrange the order of these applications to provide the most important information visibly” however failed to mention how to do so? Care to provide a hint?

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