Facebook Management: Parent-Child Functionality for Brand Pages

Facebook is rolling out a new way to manage your business’s multiple locations with ease. Though it is only available to a few brands right now (like Starbucks), it will soon be available to all businesses. It was obviously built with franchises in mind, as it fosters an easy way for businesses to present a cohesive brand message with Parent-Child page functionality.

If you’re wondering why this is needed, consider this search for 1-800-GOT-JUNK:

This can be confusing to a consumer searching for these services. Even if they are not confused by the “pages” and “places” difference, it also requires a bit of digging. That is certainly not the intention of 1-800-GOT-JUNK, but this is just the way Facebook is currently setup. Thus enters parent-child functionality.

The benefits:

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-Mass create location pages for your store and claim usernames for each

-Create unified brand pages with the inheritance of cover photos and profile pictures

-Simplify regional management of the pages with up to 5 parent pages

A few unanswered questions:

-Admins of pages vs. places. How much access has to be allowed for franchisees?

-What is the limit of child pages (if any at all)?

We will keep you posted as Facebook develops this offering further. Once the child-parent page hierarchy is public, we recommend businesses with multiple locations use this system so that your brand pages will all use the same naming conventions and look unified. In addition, it will be easier for users to access location information on your parent brand page (see image below of Starbucks locations). Keep in mind, however, that status updates and Facebook Offers made on the parent page will not be automatically pushed to child pages. This means that child place pages still need to be monitored.

To get started, you will need to submit a request to Facebook to implement these changes. Your brand will have to develop an Excel spreadsheet listing your locations, naming, store ID numbers, contact information, etc. It is not entirely manual just yet.

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