Facebook is the New Word of Mouth Marketing

“How do you generate most of your business?” says Joe Smith.

“Word of mouth seems to bring in a lot of our business.” Jane Doe responds.

This dialogue has been going on for years and years and has been an excellent way to generate business. The ‘word of mouth‘ approach works well as its a first person testimonial on the product or services being offered.

Social media has revolutionized ‘word of mouth’. You probably experienced this first hand and may not even noticed it. I’ll use my recent live example from this past year of how this works.

While at the chiropractor, my doc recommended I consider acupuncture therapy. Having never done this before, I posted on Facebook to my friends asking who’s done it and what was their experience.

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Within 24 hours, I had 6 comments on that post, 1 post directly on my wall, and 1 private message from friends, not only describing their experience, but giving me referrals to the places they went.

Word of mouth marketing Facebook

One person actually included a link to a recommended facility’s Facebook page in their message to me.

Facebook marketing

In the past, I would not have received this many referrals and feedback in the old ‘word of mouth’, I would have to pick up the phone and call everyone I knew, asking them individually. Social media has made this process very easy now.

This real-life experience is a perfect example to small business owners on the importance and the power of social media. I’m more likely to click on the link that takes me to the Facebook page, than go to Google and start searching for random places based on recommendations, so kudos to my friend who shared that link! And now, I’ve already liked their page to start getting a feel for who they are and what they have to say. If I do make the decision to pursue acupuncture therapy, this company now has my attention.

I witnessed a similar act on Facebook (did not actually participate). A few months ago, a friend posted about which apple orchard to visit with her kids. She received an overwhelming response within one day of feedback regarding which orchards to visit and not visit, many of her local friends chimed in on the conversation.

Facebook marketing organic

Still not a believer in the power of social media for your small business? Don’t believe that social media is the new ‘Word of Mouth’ marketing? Try the experiment yourself (of course you need to have an established social media presence, Facebook or Twitter).

Next time you are looking for a great Italian restaurant or need to find a new place to get a haircut or are looking for a landscaper or photographer, ask your followers and see how many first person recommendations you receive in such a short amount of time.

Word of Mouth really works for any industry, B-2-B, B-2-C and non-profit. It always has. The shift that’s taking place is that Word of Mouth is now Word of Mouth via Social Media.

The actions that you need to take as a small business owner are to create and maintain a positive social media presence. Create posts that are adding value and targeting your audience. Make sure that you are not left in the dust because your competition has a social media presence and you don’t.

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  • Qnary says:

    Facebook is a great place to give and receive advice on anything from what doctor to see to what brand of applesauce to buy. If your friends or followers ever ask for advice and you can give it, you should. There will come a time when you need advice and others are more likely to give it if they receive it from you.

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