Facebook Fiction: F8 Announcements Spark New Facebook Rumors

nullDo you remember the stories we told as kids, usually late at night, that involved hitchhiking ghosts, organ thieves, and escaped mental patients with hooks instead of arms?  These and other Urban Legends took decades to become part of modern myth, passed on slowly, generation to generation.  Today, we have the internet to increase the speed at which rumors are dispersed.

It comes as no surprise that the latest round of Internet ULs are focused on Facebook.  With the launch of its “new and improved” version, Facebook is causing quite an uproar once again.

Mark Zuckerberg can be called a lot of things, but stupid isn’t one of them.  Just when users became accustomed to the “Better Facebook,” Zuck’s minions changed things.  Most changes are cosmetic, but are still causing great frustration, and before we users have had time to absorb the latest “improvement,” Zuckerberg announced that more are on the way.

The following are excerpts from my news feed posts this past week.  They are two of my favorites:

“It is official and was even on the news…Facebook will start charging a fee because of the new profile changes…”

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“…Facebook will delete your account if you don’t pay…but if you copy and paste this message to your wall before midnight, your icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free for you…”

nullThe alleged fees range anywhere from $14.99/month – $50/month and coincide with different types of memberships (gold, silver, etc.).  These rumors are almost as good as the ones that informed of Facebook’s ultimate demise (specifically in March 2011) due to overuse.

As I said, Zuckerberg is not a stupid man.  Although I am beginning to believe he a little stoned when he devised the new business plan for Facebook, I am certain that he realizes charging for his site will truly lead to its demise.

My best advice is to run these “chain posts” through the Snopes.com database before perpetuating the rumors.  So, breathe easy, fellow Facebookers, the only thing that looms on the horizon is more aggravation.  At least we won’t have to pay for it.

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