Facebook Engagement 101: Why Facebook Is Important For Your Business & Career

As on all platforms, your goal is to engage people in your social media activities > Make them aware you exist, and when people show themselves to be interested in your community or product/service, invite them to get to know you better (by participating in your activities), so that when they’re ready, they can choose to become your customers.

Facebook is first and foremost about connecting with everyone in your community (anyone you’ve ever met or had any type of relationship with), and collecting them around your business/professional activities so that you always have an engaged, supportive community of vendors, customers and contacts to spread the word when you have something [professional] awesome to share with the world at large.

The more people you have in your community who truly have a vested interest in seeing you succeed (vendors, investors, potential employees, your family & friends, your happy customers), the more readily they will share your content and connect you directly with people they know who might also want to become your community members and potentially your customers.

You might be able to identify some people who you know, who you think don’t want you to succeed, but really you don’t know. I believe you need to treat Facebook like the world’s biggest newspaper, where you have control over publishing information to your own section, about anything you want. People who are strangers today, will become friends tomorrow and your professional advocates next week, if you let them know what you’re up to. Facebook is like the newspaper where you are the first person with control over the publicity you earn, how often & what is being published about you and your business. And yes, there may be a few people who see your publicity and are jealous of your success, but they are no reason for you to not actively promote your business in a social manner.

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Rule #1 in social media > Do for others what you want done for you. If you want people to be interested in you, be interested in them.

I also like to encourage my clients to see themselves as leaders in their community, and it’s their responsibility (to the success of their business) to demonstrate to their entire community, how to behave in social media as a socializing business professional. Whether or not your community is ready to buy from you right now, these days people will be interested in getting to know you better if they believe you can teach them something valuable for their future or introduce them to someone who can help their career or business improve in social media. By consistently demonstrating positive and successful Facebook and social media activities, that person could be you!

I’ll be back (probably tomorrow) with more on Facebook for beginners – starting with the answer to the most common FAQs I receive as a social media concierge: Should you be promoting your business on Facebook as a profile or as a page or as a group?

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