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Facebook Bug Turns Numbers into Names

Facebook Bug Turns Numbers into Names image facebook bug12Facebook bug alert! Until Facebook fixes it, you can type random numbers into a sequence and watch them turn into a first and last name. No, really.

Try posting a status update or leaving a comment using this sequence: @[XXX:Y] — but insert random numbers into it.

I used this sequence: @[602:0] and got this name: Jenny Lykken. I had Bryan Laurienti try it, our lead graphic designer, and he got this name: Surajit Saha.

Weird, huh? Facebook has not commented on the bug yet, but when they do, I’ll update this blog post.  For the moment, though, the bug remains a mystery.

But just like the Double Rainbow guy, I have to ask, “What does it mean?”

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Update: One of our programmers, Brian Poole, says the random numbers are actually Facebook user IDs. He somehow figured out what numbers to use to make his name come up and mine as well… That’s what you get when you work with robot/human hybrids. They ruin all the fun.

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