How Effective Is Facebook Marketing?

fbmarketingFacebook has managed to gather a wide following with more than a billion active users. It revolutionized how people socialized and made the internet the new way friends and family can connect and express their feelings through posting text, images, and videos. Users have become too attached to Facebook and with the advancement in the mobile phone technology, more and more people are accessing this platform using their phones. All this information is important to your business because you need customers and most of your customers are on Facebook. So, does Facebook marketing work?

Well, this depends a lot on your approach. A lot of businesses have abandoned their Facebook accounts because they were not working as they were led to believe by the information they got online. In business, most strategies will work; it all depends on how much time and resources you are willing to dedicate to them. Facebook is not all about posting updates and images, well; it is if you are running a personal account. For a business account, you will need to update calculated information that will not only get the audience interested, but make them want to visit your website or your physical business.

Content Matters

For your Facebook marketing campaign to work effectively, you will need to post content that the audience needs. Do not concentrate too much on selling your products and services and explaining what they are all about. Consumers are not interested in such information, they are interested in things that will improve their lives or solve problems. Take this advantage and give them what they want. This is how they will remain glued to your website and will recommend your Facebook page to their friends. Interesting content will always get likes and shares and this is the first step to going viral and getting more fans.

Images are Important

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Plain text, regardless of how interesting it is, can get boring over time. Humans are attracted to images and videos more than they are to text. With that said, brighten up your Facebook page with interesting images. These should not only be about your business, go out of your way to find funny images related to your line of operation. Again, this is what will keep the audience waiting for your next post and directing them where you want will not be a difficult task.

Get Involved

Facebook is a social media platform and you should treat it as such. It is not a one way communication channel like most of the other conventional advertising methods; it is a two-way channel where you should engage as much as possible. Consumers appreciate a business that comes down to their level to discuss important issues about the business, the environments and about anything topic that you have knowledge in. In the process, you will get to understand your audience better and know their needs. This will put you in a better position to serve them and strengthen the bond between your business and your customers. Bottom line, Facebook can be a very effective marketing tool.

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