How B2C Brands Can Improve Engagement on Facebook

If you’re feeling frustrated with the amount of engagement you see on your Facebook updates, you’re probably trying every trick in the book to increase your likes, comments and shares.   You’re starting to feel like your social media efforts have been a complete waste of time and you’ve come close to giving up on Facebook altogether.  Before you throw in the towel, the following tips might salvage your Facebook marketing campaign.

FacebookEngagementDetermine the best days you should post your content.

When developing the content you will use on Facebook, keep in mind the best days to post this content. Optimum posting days vary depending on the industry; however, for most B2C brands, the weekends are the best days to post.  Social media usage starts to increase significantly on Thursdays.  People are online trying to decide what to do for the weekend and checking in with friends to see what their weekend plans are.  Top marketers agree that social media posts experience a 14 percent higher interaction rate on the weekends.   Posting your most important content Friday through Sunday will help your brand see a significant increase in conversions.

Timing is everything.  Pay attention to the time you post your content.

The optimum posting time for B2C brands is between 8pm and 7am during the work week and between 9am and 6pm on the weekends.  Social media users are online during the workday, regardless of how hard companies work to keep their staff from playing around on Facebook during the workday.  Because most people who check their Facebook account during the workday are doing so rather quickly (glancing at their News Feed, checking their inbox, or monitoring comments on one of their own updates), they don’t have a lot of time to get engaged with your brand’s content.   By waiting until after 8pm during the work week (or 9am and 6pm on the weekends) to post your content, you will experience a 14 percent higher interaction rate.

Determine how often you should post content. 

Since Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the best days for B2C brands to post content on Facebook, posting twice per day on those days will significantly increase interaction with your content.   Posting once Monday through Thursday will help maintain your brand’s consistency and increase interaction on your posts.   Remember to keep the optimum posting times in mind.

Keep your update’s character count short.

Facebook allows more than 60,000 characters in an update, but seriously, that’s far too many.  Posts that utilize less than 100 characters receive a 21 percent higher interaction rate.  The longer the post, the less likely your fans will read every word.

Ask your fans for input.

Ask a question, or ask for your community members’ opinion, when you post your content.  Asking for input significantly increases interaction with your content.  Most marketers believe this strategy will more than double the chance that your community members will comment on your content.

Use a call-to-action as often as possible.

Are you asking for what you want?  By including a call-to-action in your Facebook update, you can potentially increase your response rate by more than 33 percent.  Asking fans to comment, like, or share your content will help increase interaction with your content.

Don’t give up on Facebook just because you aren’t seeing the results you’d like to see.  Try using the tips provided and monitor your page engagement for at least 30 days.  I believe you’ll be pleased with the new direction of your content strategy.

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