All Fake, Duplicate and Cat Facebook Profiles Will Be Deleted

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  • How would they know with 955 Million accounts which are ‘real’ and which are duplicates? Are they checking against some other records? Smacks of Big Brother.

    • Facebook is Big Brother – there isn’t really any privacy there; if you want it, you’ll have to stop using Facebook. They actually monitor chats and messages for people likely to cause harm to themselves (suicide) or another person, especially children. Recently Facebook reported a series of chats by an older man with a young teenage girl, where the conversation had turned sexual, and they were making plans to meetup. I think its a good thing.

    • Peter, according to what I have read, it will be like if they find the Facebook profile to be of an actress, cartoon character etc. and many more factors they will have it verified. So now people will have to actually add a image of themselves to avoid this interrogation.

  • I agree with you Peter, who is and how are they going to establish which & what? I know of several people who have duplicate accounts – NOT because of “duplicity” (:-o) but because they set the first one up a few years ago, never really got it up & running, left for an xtended period of time & noW cannot recall password. So they started another page. I’m one of those and have tried in vain to get assistance from FB to delete the obsolete one, but they simply do not respond AT ALL!

  • Now if only they’d implement a feature that didn’t force me to automatically subscribe anytime I said I “liked” something.

  • What about the folks that have one for work life & one for friends? That’s really messed up. Or the people that need to share computers? How do they know the difference really?

  • If you want to migrate your business activities on Facebook from a profile to a page, check out my post (the link for the migration tool is there)

  • Facebook doesn’t know how to bring in new revenue via memberships vs. free. They could charge people/organizations for additional profiles, in some sort of membership package. Keep it free for one personal profile and a set number of pages. I have my own personal profiles, plus pages, plus ‘in development’ profiles that are not being used. I worry that these ‘in development’ profiles for blogs not yet written might be deleted?

  • I use one for business and one for personal. If they kick one, they kick both and I will have some wasted time back. I will migrate to Google+ and people who need to keep the two separated will do the same. FB has probably peaked.

  • I’ve been forced to create 2 fake Facebook accounts BY Facebook. I run 3 Facebook pages. 1 is a fan page and the others are for separate brands that I work to promote. I need to run advertising campaigns for all 3 Facebook pages but I can only use one payment method. And since I doubt that company A is going to be happy to pay for company Bs advertising – or that of my personal fan page, I have no other option but to maintain fake accounts that I can then manage the different advertising budgets and payments independently. I wonder how many other fake profiles exist for the same reason.

  • And the first pet site to be deleted will be the page for Mark Zuckerberg’s dog? His dog has a page.

    The pet sites aren’t a problem. It’s the MASSIVE number of fake pages that are set up and used by large ad agencies. They create tens of thousands of fake pages. But… they also pay FB, so FB probably won’t delete those fake pages.

  • I run pages for about 70 different venues in different cities for my business. It is a constant battle to claim the “pages” that spring up and seem to hoover up likes and check ins. Facebook usually responds and I get control, but in many cases as I see it, it is their own systems that are creating false business profiles, I suspect because people are using mobile phones to try and check in, failing to find our official pages – which does not say a lot for the search, and then opting to create a new business profile and check in against it. Anyone else see this happening and have a solution?

  • Face Book was not interested over a year ago when I payed someone on to get me 250 REAL FB fans and they were all fake profiles.I reported it to FB to never hear from them.I had to manually delete them.I mean mostly men with womens names and fake grainey pics….jeez!

  • So wait i have an old facebook account that i dont use anymoe dont wnt to get banned for having 2 facebooks ive been trying ot get rid of it does this mean its going to be deleted soon (permantly)

  • tsk! behind every animal/pet profile is a proud HUMAN owner animal lover connecting with others that share a passion about animals!

  • I think it sucks personally! What the heck is their problem? Are they afraid that they won’t get their money? Are they not aware that plenty of those with “Cat” accounts are paying members of the Facebook crowd? Who died and made them the Gods of who gets on Facebook? Why not just target the spammers and scammers, of which I have had a few run-ins with?

  • However, they have no issue whatsoever letting people have nude photos or showing the abuse of animals. So glad they have their priorities straight.

  • I highly doubt that there is ONLY 8.5 % that is fake.

    According to what I have seen – there are profiles with fake first names, fake middle names, fake last names or just completely made up bs…

    To top it all off, people assume that they are safe on this platform – where profiles that are fake exist and their profile picture is of a cartoon …

    Unsure where that mentality came from …

  • I think it is just dumb, so what if someone creates more than one profile or if its for their cat or dog or bird…it is internet and we should be allowed to use fb as we please….it bugs me because when i delete and close down my old account (because I want to start games over) the old account NEVER gets deleted even when I tell fb too, if they can’t delete accounts we tell them to then how the heck are they going to manage to delete fake accounts

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