A Guide to Facebook Timeline for Small Business Brands

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  • Stacey says:

    So much for professionalism.

  • Facebook’s Cover Photo is expansively wide and really stout, which is not always easy to work with as photos either get cropped severely or don’t fit right.
    Here’s a Cover Photo iPhone/iPad app that allows you to use multiple images and add text.
    You can see some pretty inspiring user-generated samples here:

  • Kevin says:

    You have covered the new timeline well, well done and thanks :)

  • Thanks Tiffany – very well covered post. It’s useful that you pointed out that businesses can link to app URLs, even though there isn’t a landing page, as this can perhaps be perceived as an alternative (though it is a pretty counter intuitive way to go back to the homepag). Likewise, I would say the search for more apps is a little annoying as opposed to easily accessible.

    You pointed out that 4 apps are displayed – another thing to mention is that the ‘Photos’ app has to be diaplayed, but the others can be ordered how you like. We also discuss some of these benefits that may interest you http://379.at/bbGz

  • Thanks, all.
    There are definitely a lot of changes with Timeline for business pages – more than just cosmetics! Lots of things for page admins to think about before turning on the features.

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