5 Must Read Blog Posts Covering Facebook Timeline for Brands

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  • While I like many features of the Timeline I’m totally angry about FB’s decision to make “Highlights” the default view. There’s no way to change this permanently to another view in Admin, so all people landing on the Page will see “Highlights” – in effect, what they will see is only my own posts; what I want is for all people to view all posts, both my own posts and posts by others, just as has always been possible until now – but it can’t be done.

    My Page is all about the community I’ve built up through interaction with my clients. That community and interaction is destroyed by this change, since posts by others are now hidden in a tiny box with brief excerpts instead of being visible to anyone who visits my Page.

    Worse yet, Highlights view doesn’t even show all my own posts! FB has decided that many of my own posts aren’t highlights. This is insane – if I didn’t think they were important I wouldn’t have posted them!

    I’m so angry that I’ve complained to FB and blogged about the issue (click on my name to go straight to the blog post).

  • That’s what I’ve noticed too. A lot of people complain about the new timeline. But I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it. And besides Facebook Timeline has new Cover Designs nowadays and they can be customized.

  • Thinking of Deleting Face Book,Was really looking forward to reading my Birthday Wishes and What did I see!!! Tells Me I have 47 posts but does not show them,What is The point of Friends Wasting There Time Wishing me Happy Birthday when I can not see them,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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