3 Small Businesses that are Doing Facebook Right

Social media is an important aspect of small business marketing, and today, Facebook is the largest platform. So many small companies have claimed their social profiles, but they remain untouched with little to no interactivity, thus eliminating any of the associated benefits of social networking. If you want results from your Facebook presence, you’re going to have to do it right.

You don’t have to be a large company with a massive marketing budget to execute social media marketing to your advantage. Here are 3 small businesses that are doing Facebook right:

1. Chocolate for Breakfast

Chocolate for Breakfast is the Facebook fan page of a culinary nutritionist and nourishment counselor. The page’s posts include anything chocolate and sweets related, from food photography tips, to audience polls, and recipes.

Ok, so it doesn’t hurt that chocolate is pretty much universally loved, but this small company has grown a following of over 120,000 in under two years. They’ve done this through publishing extremely engaging posts; ones that get commented on, liked, and shared with their followers networks frequently.

One of the key lessons that can be learned from Chocolate for Breakfast: create posts that your followers will want to interact with, and tell your followers what you want them to do (ie: share).

2. Spruce Landscaping

Spruce Landscaping is a great example of a business that knows how to publish a good Facebook post. Their page is visually engaging, with all posts being accompanied by a gorgeous, eye-catching photo, and they’re active on their profile at least once every few days.

The company joined Facebook in the last year, and has already developed a following of over 1000 people. No doubt, this has been achieved through consistent photographic posts that stand out in their followers news feeds. Their posts are relevant, often related to current events or news items. They also provide great value to their followers, through the regular posting of tips and interesting information.

Key lessons: Watch what’s popular in the news and leverage it for an engaging update. Use photos every post. Add value for your followers.

3. That’s How We Brew- Home Brew Supply

That’s How We Brew is extremely active on Facebook and Instagram, and with their frequent and visually interesting posts, they have cultivated quite a close knit group of followers that interact with their updates.

The business uses their page to promote free courses that they are offering, share awesome looking pictures of their products, and even to offer customer service. The page truly encourages a two way conversation between them and their fans.

Key Lesson: Utilize Facebook as another avenue for customer service, in addition to your phone and email communication. 

There are so many businesses, large and small, that have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. As a small business, you can’t compete with the giants like Target and Starbucks, but you can still have a strong impact with your social media profile when done right. Try modelling some posts after the above examples, and see how much more interactive your page becomes.

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