3 Reasons Why Facebook Sucks or Why It Is Still Important!

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  • cf says:

    Facebook is the best way to get stalked, and the faster way to catch up with my friends/colleagues. At the same time it is still the best way to drive traffic to my blog so guess I can’t stop it no matter how.

  • Robert Minskoff says:

    Good Read.
    You left out one important point. Your goal is to sell your book. Why not try selling it?
    Send some to your best clients, and prospects. Instead of marketing it to people on FB, why not LinkedIn where your audience might be more receptive?
    Selling a book is like selling food, not everyone will like or want your type of food. So find those that do and deliver a message that create value and engagement.
    Maybe you did this and you just did not mention it.
    Either way,
    Good Luck & Good Selling!

    • Robert Thanks. And I agree.. This book is not for everyone! I did post it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest & YouTube. I continue to post via blogs to all of them. The most effective sales tool is live presentations so far!

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