3 Facebook Hashtag Marketing Tips

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  • The discussion on this has been raging on Facebook, so I’m making an update to my own article.

    For clarity, Facebook hashtags work on posts (and photos), but not with comments.

    Also, privacy settings prevail, with hashtags aggregating content within that sphere of influence to other content using the same tag.

    Jeff Korhan

  • I agree that this is going to be a HUGE game-changer for Facebook. Twitter has had a huge success with the hashtag idea, allowing marketers to use appropriate hashtags to draw in potential customers. At first, searching for content on Facebook wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do until Graph Search came along. Now that Facebook will be including hashtags, there is no doubt that businesses are loving it because Facebook is being used by more people every day and continues to be the top social media site on the web. With that in mind, businesses can use appropriate hashtags and draw in more people to their pages.

    • No doubt about it Michael. I’ve invested some time this weekend brainstorming about the hashtags I’ll be using on Facebook moving forward.

      How about you? Any insights to share?

      Location? Tips and Advice? Products and Services? Community?

  • Another update – it appears Facebook hashtags do work with comments, at least within groups.

    Evidently, we won’t know all of the details until this completely rolls out.

  • Very helpful tips Jeff! and with this new feature from Facebook expect that there are some that will take advantage on this one as what your tip #1 states. On the other hand this will make Facebook even more useful to marketers. Frankly speaking I’m not that big fan of it but with this current update maybe I could include it in my social media marketing strategy.:)

    Thanks Jeff!

    • You are welcome Belinda. Thanks for your comment.

      Other than Facebook advertising and promotions, I’ve been disappointed with my Facebook marketing results.

      However, this is FREE and promises to cut through the clutter – at least for us early adopters.

      Any ideas to share about how you plan to implement your Facebook Hashtag Marketing Strategy?

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